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    1. The method is to get enough sleep first by taking a sleeping pill, such as melatonin or doxylamine, that is, without a prescription. Sleep hours �8.�

    2. Coffee, once every 2 hours, accompanied by a warm-up and eye exercises.�

    3. Legal stimulants: guarana, kat, mate are legal in Israel, some praise ginseng, especially Siberian.

    4. Partly legal stimulants: one 20 mg ritalin tablet will solve your problem. The same goes for Vivanse and Adderall. Just one �and just don't sniff. Otherwise, you can forget about your job.�

    We will omit illegal stimulants altogether.

  1. I do not urge anyone to take medication without a doctor's prescription, but Phenotropil really clears the head and increases performance. At least for me, even with a single appointment, with a monstrous lack of sleep, the feeling disappears, as if a brick lies in my head and all my strength is spent on forcing myself to start working.

  2. Interestingly, nothing that the girl has written above helps!). But I work at night, yes, and often. So, of course, these are the power engineers. Not all of them, but some do. However, this is for the moment when five people have been sleeping for four hours in the previous day. I do not know what your job is, but try to write something in every spare moment. Don't let your head rest. Just switch from thinking about work to thinking more pleasant thoughts for you, but not to sleep. Tested – works!

  3. I use these methods:
    1. Coffee. Only I do not drink all at once, but at intervals (otherwise the breakdown will come in 2-3 hours). I have enough for another 8-10 hours of activity.
    2. If it already knocks me out, I go to bed for 40-60 minutes (the same principle of sleep as during the lunch break). Enough for another 4.3 hours
    . I rinse my face with cold water, but this is more of an addition to the main method.
    And of course, on such a night you can not eat enough, immediately cut down.

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