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  1. I must say right away that it will not be possible to completely get rid of fussiness. This is what you acquire as a child – your temperament. It's inside you, it's part of you. This is you.

    But still, here are a couple of tips on how you can at least slightly eliminate this not always pleasant quality.

    1) No extra body movements needed.

    Do you move your fingers often? Or maybe tap your foot when you stand in one place for more than a minute? Perhaps, sitting and listening to someone you start to rock back and forth. Now, try to control it. All these involuntary movements are the result of”toropyzhnechestvo”. But it is so arranged in nature that often the result intersects with the cause. I think you get the idea.

    2) Watch your speech.

    Clean your speech from the words of parasites. All sorts of “aaaaa'knya” and words like “type”, “well”, etc. very much prevent you from accurately and quickly expressing your thoughts. They don't understand you the first time, you worry that you are explaining something wrong, and you start fussing. And to get rid of this habit, just the next time you will.”..And they went to…. err… Ikea…”, the moment you forget that unfortunate store name, ask for five seconds of remembering, rather than filling it in with “eeeeeeee”.

    3) Always evaluate tasks.

    Never take on something that you can't do well. Never promise anything you're not sure of. All this leads to the fact that just before the deadline, you realize that nothing is ready, and you try to do everything in one day. Naturally, all this will be of poor quality, and you will again be fussing to get everything in time.

    4) Make a plan.

    Start your day with a simple plan. Or better yet, a week. This way you'll know exactly where and when you might have trouble.

    5) Have your own position.

    In everything. Don't rush from one to the other. Never give in to”coaxing”. Always know what you think about it. Example: You decide not to give away your cigarettes because you realize that you have a lot of money to spend on it. But here you went out to smoke, and an old friend passes by you, who asks you to “shoot” him a cigarette. And the thought process begins in my head: “well, this is an old friend, we haven't seen each other for a long time, but still, I'll eat again, I won't shoot again.” And a friend starts to push, they say, well, what are you, how not to act like a brother and all that. But you must not make excuses or make concessions. If you can't help but share, then don't set yourself such an attitude.

    In general, being yourself is also fun. I myself am very disturbed by the fussiness in my life. This is one of my worst qualities. But in everything bad, there is also good, and, personally, my friends love and know me just like that. I think your friends also understand you, and they are already used to you as you are. Remember that every change is echoed. And all the best)

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