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  1. Contact an experienced eating disorder psychologist or therapist to help you. This is treated by reducing anxiety, increasing body sensitivity, and understanding your feelings.

    Another option is to reduce your anxiety with alcohol, work, swearing at relatives, risky behavior, and autoagression. But this is less environmentally friendly.

  2. Love yourself.

    I understand that this is not so easy to do as to say, but at least to realize that your body is rebelling against such a rude attitude of the “mistress” is already a big step.

    I am amazed at how often people who are dissatisfied with their weight use the word “eat”. Are you not disgusted by such rudeness towards yourself? To stop “eating” you need to start eating. To stop “breaking down” you need to stop perceiving yourself as an animal on a chain.

  3. How to stop breaking down and eating too much ?

    As I understand it, the question relates to the diet mentality.
    I myself have had a lot of experience in this field and I think I have the necessary information.
    There may be several reasons for disruptions and binge eating (such as compulsive eating). I will name the most common ones. Then-do it yourself.

    1. If you are on PEP, then overeating may result in insufficient variety in the diet, or you do not make snacks. Tip-diversify your food, there are a lot of delicious diet recipes on the Internet! Eat more often and little by little.
    2. You are on a diet because you are lazy and want “everything at once”. Okay So you picked up a diet that a priori can not stand. You probably don't have enough willpower. Yes, and motivation, I think.
      If you have already decided to take on yourself – change. Without breakdowns and overeating, without hunger strikes and sad self-reproaches for the weakness shown. And remember that if you lose weight, then gain weight, then you will have much more cellulite than you originally had.
      Do everything wisely. Good luck with that.

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