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  1. Try to simply put the alarm clock far away from you, in the opposite end of the room, and if it is on the phone-also put the most disgusting melody, so that you can definitely get up and want to turn off this nightmare more than anything else in the world. And when you get up already-you realize that you can't go to bed anymore, you need to do things. It helps me 🙂

  2. You say “teach yourself” as if it's a skill. There is no “skill” or “inability” here-everyone has their own biological clock and daily routine. It is logical that to easily get up early, you need to go to bed earlier in the evening. But going to bed does not mean falling asleep (I know as a person suffering from delayed sleep phase syndrome). “Owls” are people with a special mutation, because of which their biological day lasts not 24 hours, but more. It is impossible to “learn” to live on a different schedule, but you can adapt and rearrange your life so that you suffer less. That is, do not force yourself to get up early “as expected” or “as normal people do”, but choose a form of employment that does not require you to constantly get up early (shift work, free schedule, freelance). And if you are sleepy at work, maybe you are not interested in this job?

  3. For the first question

    • You can let your body wake up and set only two alarms at 20-minute intervals.

    • Your favorite music can also be the best way to start your day.

    • Loud sounds, basic phone sounds, vibrations are more likely to frighten in the morning, which probably does not have the most favorable effect on any living being. You can turn this one off before you wake up.

    Getting up earlier than usual still helps, awareness of the importance of what you are going to do (give a gift in the morning, prepare a delicious breakfast, get together for an important meeting for you).

    On the second question

    • You may have woken up often, although you don't remember it (you didn't sleep comfortably, there were extraneous sounds, the room is poorly ventilated).

    • The room in which you are located is poorly ventilated, this is easy to see if you open the window and feel a surge of cheerfulness.

    • Frequent experiences and insomnia may be causative of sleepiness.

  4. Getting up at five-thirty isn't a pleasant experience. But you should. So I put the alarm clock, aka the smartphone, away from the bed, so that I have to get up to turn it off. Well, I set it up so that he calls me at intervals of 5 minutes, if I still decide to sleep for another “second”.

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