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  1. I would advise you not to miss the stars from the sky right away and start by reading simple literature(fiction). Here begins, if there was no experience before, the formation of a literary form of expression of thoughts, in other words, “beautiful and clear”, the ability to analyze, develop memory, expand horizons, it is possible to develop serious interests through reading a chain of genres of books, for example, from hood. You can move on to light scientific works, these are all sorts of bestsellers written for a wide range of readers, and from there to serious and deep works, after understanding which no one will turn their tongue to call you a fool.
    Plus, low self-esteem and playing “fool” can play a role here. In this case, it is better to radically change your social circle and consciously communicate starting from this role, in other words, behave appropriately. It is very rare to reform people's established opinions, and when people perceive a person as an idiot, even good thoughts will make them laugh.
    In short, start simple and take a small step every day, getting better and better. It is not difficult to devote 20-30 minutes to reading a day, especially if there is a strong desire to change.

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