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  1. If you think that drug and alcohol use is an absolute degradation, then I have bad news for you. Degradation is a framework that prevents you from developing. The framework that you set for yourself at least by your own formulation of the question.

  2. The famous psychologist Abraham Maslow believed that human degradation has the following stages of progression::

    1. Formation of the psychology of the “pawn”. A person has a feeling that he is completely dependent on some other forces. This phenomenon is called the “learned helplessness” phenomenon.
    2. The emergence of a shortage of basic goods. Primary needs for food and survival become a priority.
    3. Creating a “clean” environment. The whole society is divided into bad and good people, “friends” and”strangers”. Often, a person shows a sense of shame and guilt for themselves.
    4. The emergence of the cult of “self-criticism”. A person is able to recognize the commission of even those actions to which he has nothing to do.
    5. Protection of the “sacred foundations”. The individual categorically does not want to think about the main prerequisites of ideology. Such people do not doubt their “sacred foundations” and are not able to look at them with a skeptical eye.
  3. I don't think there is a universal way, but if you suddenly realize that you haven't read anything for a long time, you've started to forget some basic things, you can't remember the last time you were in a museum, and so on, these are bells and whistles )

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