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  1. You have made a choice.

    ANY choice has its pros and cons.

    You face the disadvantages of your choice, and you are sad and cry.

    This does not mean that the choice is incorrect.

    This is your choice. It's just that the choice doesn't have to be necessarily fun and positive.

    I can assume that if you had made a different choice in this situation, there would have been other reasons to be upset.

    There is no “right” choice, precisely in the sense that everyone always has their pros and cons.

    It's not “right”, it's YOUR choice.

    The choice can be very painful, and sad, and associated with a sense of guilt, etc. That's all right, too.

  2. You are sad because you are disappointed. You liked the girl, and as you say, you liked her in everything. But, as it turned out, she could not treat you with understanding, to your situation, in which there is no fault of your own. And you saw that it was not what you would like it to be. You idealized her in your eyes, but she was not “ideal”.

    The girl has absolutely nothing to do with it. It's all about your perception. When you endow a person not with existing qualities, but with those that you would like to see in him, then sooner or later you have to experience disappointment.

    It's not your fault that you broke up. It's not anyone's fault. You just had too many expectations of each other.Everyone has different expectations. And they often don't match.

    So let's just say that you just didn't match it.

    Do not torment yourself with remorse, this will make you dependent on the reactions of people around you and allow them to manipulate you.

    There are people with whom you match, with whom you are on the way, and there are those with whom you are not on the way.

    Yours will not go away from you, believe me. And if it's not yours — what's the value to you?

  3. Well, you give a damn.

    If a good girl – then why leave her then?

    You can see her 2 times a week, for good reasons.

    You are absolutely right not to adjust your life to a woman.

    It is a woman who must adapt to your life.

    Well, meet her whenever you can.

    You never know what she says.

    No need for these dramas. You need to enjoy the relationship.

  4. My only question is, did you tell her WHY you can'T see each other more often? If not, then explain the situation to her and if she DOESN't understand, then you don't need such a girl.
    As you described the situation, it looks like this … You say to the person: “Understand, I would love to see you, but I can't. I have school, work, gym and a friend (friends) also invite me to him (him). I just won't be able to keep up with other things.” If not, her thoughts are as follows:”I don't care, I want you to spend more time with me.” Do you need someone who doesn't share your interests, goals, or personal life, and who doesn't compromise (which is what you need here!)? Unlikely. Think about it.

  5. What prevents you from reconsidering your decision? Why end everything so immediately and irrevocably? Life goes on, and relationships can be preserved even in difficult situations. The main thing – do not rush. You don't have any other attachment, do you? Try not to lose what you have.

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