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  1. I am sure that you are asking this question when you see an extremely illogical picture around you and the behavior of your own society, you are surprised and alarmed.

    Read theorists, study the history of economic and, consequently, political thought. Remember that it is the economy that determines human life and social existence that determines social consciousness. Start with Marx, Engels, Hegel, Lenin if you want to understand certain movements in society since the 18th century and why the situation is like this today. Since the listed authors were dialecticians, you will be surprised to see the clarity and accuracy of their assessments of the data given to political movements and the possibility of provoking the ideas described by them today. You can read a plentiful amount of “right” or any other kind of literature, but here Google will help you, and there are few ideas that can withstand logical analysis.

    Remember that politics is not equal to business. This only happens in a capitalist society where money decides everything, not your abilities/intelligence/honesty. And all such corrupt politicians are not worth even the slightest attention.

  2. Unfortunately, no ideologies will fully satisfy your interests. See:

    Communism – to plunder and divide everyone. You have your own tin of stew and a barrack. Until the end of my life. It's yours and no one will take it away. You will never have more money than you need (the Leader decided).

    Fascism is a pronounced racial elite. You can be born a white millionaire or a poor Black man. With all the consequences.

    Capitalism – all are equal. Market relations. Get it first. Courts with copyright holders and libel.

    Anarchy-er… only on my mother's neck. Otherwise, you will immediately be decided by all sorts of sic-minorities, who will turn out to be more aggressive and angry.�

    There are all kinds of balance sheets like National democrats and social liberals. But they all come down to commie capitalism.

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