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  1. In 2005, a single experiment was conducted in Canada on mice, during which they established what effect the synthetic cannabinoid HU-210 produces on the hypothalamus. HU-210 is 180 times more powerful than THC. As a result, it was suggested that HU-210 may affect neurogenesis.

    It is worth clarifying 4 points

    1. Rats are not small people.

    2. HU-210 is a spice.

    Photo: hypothalamus in the process of forming new neural connections

    3. Any research becomes internationally recognized when it is conducted independently, en masse, in different parts of the world. The explanation for this is simple — the researchers are biased, and sometimes even banal mistakes are not out of spite.

    Every time a result is announced based on a small number of studies, a catastrophe occurs. From dealing heroin for 20 years as a non-addictive substitute for morphine, to selling thalidomide to pregnant women, which resulted in 8,000-12,000 babies born without arms or legs.

    4. If in a spherical world in a vacuum, fifteen independent laboratories confirm the effect of HU-210 on neurogenesis, hospitals will not prescribe it. Because… take a look at the photo above. It's like treating high blood pressure with vodka.

    Think systematically and don't take provocative statements out of context. The development of thinking generates new neural connections. And this is a 100% fact.

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  2. The process of neuroplasticity is very multifaceted. Even glutamate at different times and under different conditions can both form new connections and neurons, and destroy them. Marijuana has the potential to do this, and many experiments have proven it. But whether it can be used to treat stroke/Alzheimer's disease is not yet known for certain.

  3. This is a short-term process. These connections quickly break down.
    The same can be said about coffee, cocoa, chocolate, nicotine, alcohol, sports, stress, sex. Quickly came, quickly went. Do not smoke, go skiing, the effect is brighter. During the descent, you can solve the problems of being and not only

  4. Nonsense. Let all the laboratories of the world confirm and justify this nonsense with a lot of research, I repeat-nonsense. To test for yourself, you need to smoke a good three years (individually, of course), when you notice a persistent psychoemotional regression, coupled with a pronounced decrease in cognitive abilities, you will understand that you were deceived. Physical education, healthy lifestyle-this is the basis of universal prosperity. All the rest is for idiots.

  5. Strategic and tactical weapons are certainly important. And the degree of physical and technical training of personnel and command is also important. Ready to use for its intended purpose – without any doubts at all. But in the United States and the country that oversees them, they are more afraid of another force – the Russian language and mentality. When the Russians begin to speak directly and bring it to its logical conclusion, the rest of us simply have nothing to say. It remains only to either agree or show themselves as open opponents. Russians tend to conduct deep analysis, which is consequently expressed in inventions that are new, incomprehensible and inaccessible to everyone else. The field of management is the same field of activity as all others. The crisis in the sphere of management cannot be solved by the methods of the sphere of management, the use of which led to the crisis. Do they put out a fire with gasoline? Therefore, management crises can only be resolved by ideologues who develop and justify new approaches, methods, ways and solutions. But ideologists should not be regularly engaged in economic activities, the regular occupation of which is precisely in the sphere of responsibility and authority of managers (according to the status of ideologists who are lower). As an example, we can consider the ideological approach to the problem of drunkenness, which is so persistently imposed (by external parties) on Russians as a national “character trait”. I have heard: “I'll have a drink now, and then…”. When a person understands their limitations, then, if there is a situational need to reduce or remove them, they take certain actions. When they say: “taking alcohol disinhibits”, then in essence it means: “by taking alcohol, a person gains physical and mental properties and the ability to go beyond the limits/limitations.” Narcotic drugs work in a similar way, but, from the sphere of the immaterial, which can be reached after taking them, the return is very difficult or no longer possible. The psyche does not have time to rebuild, which leads to withdrawal and craving to return (through taking the next dose) to the insubstantial world. Increasing the dose is just a way to get deeper into the previously unknown mr and stay there longer. The result is an overdose and no return to this world. Glitches are not such, but a sober person is reliably protected from penetration there, for which he is not ready either physically or mentally. For those who are able to enter the forbidden “territory” without alcohol or drugs, this is understandable and accessible to rational analysis and controlled use. No miracles.

  6. Here's a non-scientific answer :

    After smoking cannabis, the boy who has all his thoughts swirled on clubs, chikas , jaguar and the fast way to “raise money” – thought about it, got a trip – in which his subconscious, in the form of a huge fly, transmitted to him the revelation that he was high – “don't worry, keep it up – I'm comfortable”

    Having done the same manipulations with cannabis, a sophisticated sociologist has discovered the amazing relationship by which our society reacts to certain “structural changes” . He tried to organize this “revelation” and publish it, but a couple of days later he committed suicide by shooting himself in the temple 3 times… and this is after a heroin overdose.

    Hence the moral-drugs are evil!:)) just kidding – just thinking, generates thinking, and procrastination, or better the lack of “law within yourself” – your consciousness – generates … not a fig does not generate . A person simply fills the void with unusual sensations.

  7. I don't know about neural connections, I don't have the equipment to detect them. But it definitely contributes to idleness and lack of desire for development.

    Vodka is also a drug, like all the others.

    Also, drugs, by definition, should be considered all substances that cause addiction. Sugar, coffee, tea, vape fluids, salt, monosodium glutamate, cocoa beans, etc. And even non-substances can also cause addiction-porn, gambling, money, people, etc.

    To say that this or that drug is better or worse is rather vague. Since the effect of the drug occurs only in the body of the user. And it can be different depending on the person. And without a person, a drug is just a substance among others.

  8. For a person, the question of new neural connections as a person is not important. The concepts of “plasticity of neural connections” and “neural chain”are important. Actually, this is where memory, experience, stress tolerance, etc. are formed, which gives a person education and personal development as such. At the same time, neuroplasticity changes (degrades) in the opposite direction. So under the influence of intoxicating substances, neural circuits remember the bad state and behavioral motives of a person. I.e., what behavior and generally what personality a person has depends on them. And the fact that the growth of the number of neurons is stimulated by cannabiol is probably true )) Only here is what quality they will be in the neural chain booooooolshoy question ))

  9. The keyword is “new”. And this is true, because without any drugs and marijuana in particular, these connections would not have existed. However, another question is more important – how much do you need these synapses? How important is delirium for a normal life? If you are an artist, then this may help you when writing a new work(painting, music), but if you are an engineer or an astrophysicist, then definitely not, on the contrary, it will hurt. As well as most people do not need such synapses.

  10. Narco is like mirrors in the animated film “mystery of Planet 3” first they record everything on their layers of films in the process of life,and then they play it back when they die, the films evaporate.

    So in the head-the narcotic effect is the death of brain cells that produce the effect of dope.The cells don't regenerate,the person remains a moron for life.

  11. and you know that in ancient times the entire male sex and did smoked marijuana, / anasha,/ drank opium and nothing like that , had children quite developed , watched the cattle grew crops, and also fought, our even grandfathers raskazyvali as almost all houses had as they say schyas drugs ,and by the way from vodka more pimirut people than from drugs, only everything needs to know the measure , and do not argue with this that it is useful or harmful, drunks, just before malorazityh children were not revived, they were just showered and no one was shown but it was soseem rarity, and by the way about cigarettes they are also no less harmful than vodka,

  12. )) Нет, конечно.
    Люди от нее тупеют, в прямом смысле,
    не могут через 1 мин. вспомнить, о чем их просили,
    но как бонус, у них развивается воображение.
    Тут вопрос скорей в самом человеке.
    Если человек образованный, то покурив разок может
    случиться "Эврика!" Архимеда. Но если взять
    алкаша Васю из соседней квартиры, то скорей всего
    ему на пользу она не пойдет!

  13. Yes, it does. Quite a lot of research (foreign) has appeared in recent years, you can read, for example, the review article The role of cannabinoids in adult neurogenesis from 2015 (PMC4543605). At the same time, no one promised that these new neural connections will form in the right places and bring benefits. Therefore, although cannabinoids have been actively studied in many countries in recent years for possible medical use, they should not be taken unnecessarily and without a doctor's prescription.

  14. Sure. Marijuana use contributes to the emergence of such strong new neural connections that an individual develops a persistent addiction and addiction to drugs, which can no longer be eliminated later.

  15. You can simply include logic in the response 🙂

    What are neural connections in general? Some highly pretentious and highly authoritative researcher needed to somehow explain the processes that occur in people's lives from birth, well, for example, the process of the emergence of thoughts, and since scientists have long been trying to explain the processes in you and me as in some kind of technical device, they write about some neural processes. I.e., they give static formations in the body properties that are inherently impossible, but in their opinion possible-no one requires proof :- ) but no one has yet come up with the formula for the thinking peptide: -)

    and what are stable or even neural connections, none of the inventors from biology, and even more so from medicine, is able to clarify. Even the mechanisms of the receptor – conductor – processor – response systems are interpreted by each of the trained people in their own way 🙂

    So I can safely say :- ) no mind-altering substance creates any new neural connections 🙂

    In questions with marivanna, you need to dig in the direction of “how the endogenous cannabinoid system works” and how much anandamide(our native analogue of THC) is useful for the body , and what happens when a substance from the plant world interferes with the body 🙂

    A rough hint on the answer – what happens to you if you manage to look further than you usually can? For example, when you are at home in your favorite chair, you can hear and see what is happening at the zoo in another city :- ) using only your body as a communication tool

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