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  1. Music videos with a plot appeared, oddly enough, even before the advent of sound cinema, almost simultaneously with the invention of cinema. These were short films (in fact, at the dawn of cinema, all films were short films), shot in such a way that when projected, the image would be synchronized with a certain music that was performed live in the cinema.

    With the advent of sound in the cinema, insert music scenes immediately appeared, sometimes not even related to the main plot, which, in principle, had all the features of a video clip. For example, such a clip can be considered the number “Black Arrows” from the Soviet comedy “Funny Guys” in 1934.

    With the development of television and the advent of professional video recorders in the 60s, pre-recording of rock bands for music programs became a mass phenomenon. Sometimes original plots were played out there. Some consider these shots to be the first prototypes of video clips, naming artists such as David Bowie, Small Faces and The Kinks.

    Other critics quite reasonably call the first clips of the Beatles 'experiments in the TV movie” Magic Mystery Tour “(“Magic Mysterious Journey”), filmed in 1967. The members of the Beatles, who by that time had participated in two super-successful musical comedies, made their first appearance as directors. They embarked on surreal video experiments that were a continuation of the experiences that took place in the recording studio. As a result, the film failed disastrously. Today it is cut into separate fragments – quite full-fledged clips. And this isreal masterpieces – thanks to the music, of course.

    And yet, experts and journalists still argue whether all these experiments can be considered video clips in the modern sense. They did not come to a consensus, so the question of the first clip remains open – there is no specific answer to it.

    The development and formation of the video, as we understand it now, took place at the suggestion of two more great artists. This is the ABBA group, which after its spectacular victory at the Eurovision Song Contest in 1974 began to shoot a video for each of its new songs and “Queen”, who shot the video for”Bohemian Rhapsody” in 1975. Today, according to a number of polls, this video was named “the best video clip in the history of popular music”. But again, undoubtedly, thanks to the brilliant music.

    Still, the first music video with a story, in my opinion, should be considered “Thriller” by Michael Jackson, which was shot in 1982 by director John Landis (I'm not alone in this opinion). The album of the same name has already become 32 times “platinum” and together with the video became an important stage in the development of pop music. A 14-minute lead track film with an original mystical storyline radically changed the video music industry, defining a number of standards that still apply today. As critic Nelson George wrote, ” Michael Jackson is the first artist of the MTV era to connect the content of an album with images that complement it in the public imagination.”

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