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  1. The effectiveness of nootprops for ordinary people is a myth. They are used for the mentally ill and mentally retarded, and it really helps them a little.

  2. I wouldn't. Learning a language is a long process, which obviously does not fit very well with a variety of stimulants. Although they give an increase in working capacity / mental abilities, but then there is always a “rollback” and exhaustion of the body's forces. Anyone who has ever drunk coffee has experienced this, especially if they drink it regularly. So with all the stimulants, you will lose more. than you find.

  3. Brain stimulants? What? What for?
    The question is quite strange, at least for me. In general, it is worth noting that most of these stimulants actually benefit very, very little, if at all. Besides, we used to learn �5 languages without stimulants, right? Stimulants are needed in sports, but not in learning another language. This is absurd. And besides, the most” effective stimulants ” are drugs, but how can drugs help you learn a foreign language? Unless they give you an increase in strength. Well, or coffee can also be attributed to stimulants, but even without it, you can learn another language. Conclusion: Stimulants are not needed. IMHO

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