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  1. In grades 10-11, 1-2 hours are allocated for learning Russian per week.

    Everything is legal.

    You pass the exam based on your previous knowledge. Grade 10-11 is a generalization and repetition of previously passed material.

  2. I was lucky that the class teacher (a teacher of Russian and literature) loved her subject and took on me)
    And I made an excellent student out of the inveterate troechnik once a week for a year.
    Now, 25 years later, I can say that only her love for the subject and mentoring skills (she was already retired) could make me intuitively feel the language. As they say, it flowed.Flow works from the carrier of competencies to the student. Look for those who love you and train yourself to see through their eyes, not your own. Then it will flow to you as well.
    This is a life hack.

  3. “I'm begging you!

    There are training programs that are approved at all levels, including at the Ministry level. Specifically, Ms. Minister Vasilyeva is engaged in the 11th grade, you can ask her, or her “boss” boss: -)

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