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  1. Hebrew was invented before people started writing with a stylus on the surface of a tablet of papyrus. Initially, the letters were hollowed out on the stone surface. That is why the Hebrew alphabet is so angular and why it is written from right to left. A right-handed person holds a chisel with his left hand, and with his right he hits it with a hammer, thus moving from right to left

  2. There are left-handed friends who have never encountered such a problem. I specifically asked spravapishushikh, the answer is-why look at what I have already written? In extreme cases, just move your hand. About erasing – maybe don't run your hand over the sheet? Or is it like? When I write, I have my hand on the sheet below the line, and still sometimes manage to erase it with my hand, this probably depends not on the hand, but on the place of its growth. I'm right-handed, if anything.

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