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  1. So do you believe in God or in religious rites? After all, this is not the same thing. Why would you consider yourself a religion? You simply live according to God's laws, and He will create a heavenly life for you on earth. After all, heaven and hell exist in your lifetime, not after death. Religions have the same relation to God as the Communist Party has to communism. They are both just exploiting this idea for their own purposes.

    I think so. and you

  2. YOUR DRUNKENNESS!GOD created and then everything is in your hands!!!Christ took the past sins of humanity upon himself and here you are a white sheet as you live and will be in fact CHRIST said the following-man is a vessel with a particle of God ts read-man is God in miniature!go for it!!

  3. The concept of fate is when everything is planned and planned in advance. God does not paint anything in the lives of people, otherwise the first people would not have committed sin, and thus would not have plunged all of us, their descendants, into the abyss of sin and death. And of course, God takes part in people's lives. Personally in my life. Cares about our future. He made a ransom to save us from this terrible state:” For the wages of sin is death, and the gift of the Lord is death.” Eternal life thanks to Christ Jesus, our Lord.”(Romans 6: 23) I think you didn't belong to any religion,because you think like a loner ,and a believer is a collective being. Church( Greek) means assembly.

  4. Here the main question is-why do you consider yourself a member of any religion? Why limit the field of knowledge to a specific dogma? Read the works, find what responds to you, make up your own picture of the world, but just live and absorb the moments of beauty and joy. God-he is broader than specific beliefs, he is different for everyone, and everyone seeks and finds him in his own way.

  5. Why refer yourself somewhere…fool yourself…what if you miss? Create your own religion and you will be the new messiah. There are enough buratins everywhere to worship you. I don't have any money. Pinocchio dropped the last coins on the field of miracles. But nothing is fashionable now volunteering. You won't be lost.

  6. Close to Rastafarianism. With your beliefs, faith in God is more like an admission that you don't know a cosmogony that suits you and doesn't need gods. ´┐ŻNo more than that. You and your God don't care about each other in general.

  7. You are clearly a deist (adhere to the philosophy of deism)

    However, since you do not recognize the participation of God in the future fate of man (and therefore deny the existence and very possibility of miracles in human life, you probably do not see the point in any rituals aimed at communicating with God – he still does nothing now), your views can hardly be called a religion-without belief in the supernatural, without rituals, etc.

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