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  1. All religions are created by humans. The gods were created by them. All the gods-from the most ancient ones, such as the Sun god Ra, to Jesus Christ-were created by humans. They may have had real prototypes-humans, animals, aliens-but as gods, they are human creations. The gods are not immortal. They die when people stop believing in them. Ancient Egyptian and Greco-Roman ancient gods died long ago, and the gods of Babylon and Assyria died even earlier.

    If you believe in an abstract God (the Creator of the universe), but just don't know who He is, and generally think that this is unknowable, then you are an agnostic.

  2. Victoria Tikhomirova answered you correctly. I won't repeat myself. I'll just say. Take out the Bible and start reading the Old Testament and you will understand that religion and faith are different concepts.

    The Bible describes events beginning with the creation of the earth and heaven and the people on it. You will see how events unfolded, who God chose, and how He interacted with people. What covenants He left to people and how people disobeyed God and thus brought all misfortunes upon themselves.

    You will learn how realms have changed and learn about great people that we don't learn about in school. How the times passed until Jesus Christ was born. You will see who He is and what He taught people. And also that He promised people who believed in Him.

    And also what is said about the end of time (by the way, you will be surprised, but many things come true in our time).

    So you don't have to ask yourself who created religions (of course, people). God has shown us what faith is and what a believer can do.

  3. Ramis, you believe in the Creator, so you have a basic knowledge of Him. Look at how the dictionary explains the word religion and you will understand that religions are created not by God, but by people. Jesus Christ, the Son of God, specially sent to earth, organized a Christian meeting
    (Greek church) God wants family relations with people, like a father with children. Offers to learn about Him and His intentions from the Bible, to believe that everything will happen according to His word. After all, it will be so!

  4. Many people believe in God and yet don't believe in religions. I think this is normal. Religions often discredit themselves by doing things that are clearly incompatible with spirituality. Therefore, any reasonable person has the right to think and doubt that such a religion was created by God. At the same time, the original knowledge of God as the Supreme Absolute Truth could only be given by God, since such knowledge is beyond the understanding of man, and therefore cannot be invented by him. Therefore, a sincere person who really wants to know about God should turn to the primary sources, and the more ancient and not distorted this primary source is, the more likely it is to really know the truth.

  5. I believe in God, but I do not know who created religion God, or someone else. I just don't know. What is it called?

    If you believe in God or just some higher power and do not recognize any of the existing religions, then you can safely consider yourself a racist.

  6. Well, first of all, no one has ever seen God, any God. And secondly, people were announced who claimed to be God's messengers. Other people, for various reasons, began to believe them. This is how religions were born. It is logical to assume that if there was one God, then there would be one religion on Earth, which we do not observe. So think about it.

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