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  1. As mentioned above, this can be an information overload that you need to take a break from. In general, there are many methods that simplify memorizing the necessary information, such as mnemonics, associations, the method of interval repetition, etc. Google will tell you all this well, and I will add from myself that interval repetition really works, and well. To do this, there are many programs for different platforms based on this method: Cerego, Tiny Cards, Anki, Quizlet, and so on (:

  2. Perhaps the reason is that your memory is not very trained. If this is the reason, then periodic repetition is a very good way to tone it up . For example, take a fragment of a poem, or a few terms. Try to remember them. After a few hours, try to play it back from memory(this is a must!) what you wanted to remember. Then read the material a couple of times, and after a longer period of time, try to play it back from memory. Repeat this algorithm for as long as you need.

    First, this method gently introduces you to the process of memorizing as such. Secondly, it helps to develop long-term memory. This is how I learn something so that I can know it later.

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