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  1. So, we know for sure that there is nothing wrong with your sexuality. And that's good! After all, when you are alone with yourself, everything works out) most girls will understand your situation. No matter what anyone says on Instagram or anywhere else. This is a common problem.

    And with other guys it turned out before sex to get excited? If so, then it's because of your relationship with this guy. The moment is not right, there is no craving for it, he is in too much of a hurry or something else.

    If you couldn't get aroused with other guys before sex, then it's because of your negative attitudes about sex. Maybe it's anxiety about your appearance, maybe the fear of not pleasing the guy, maybe you are too fixated on the idea that you definitely need to get excited and be ready to orgasm in all directions. There are many options here.

    Try to deal with the relationship (in a good relationship, it's easier to let the cockroaches out of your head), and talk to yourself. Find out what you're afraid of, what exactly is wrong or might go wrong. And build on this further)

    If you need help from a psychologist, do not hesitate to contact us. This is a common topic of work. I am sure you will find your own specialist.

  2. Maybe the moment for sex is not the right time to choose? For example, you agree when it predalagaet, but you do not want to. If the desire, in principle, appears only when the guy is not around, and how he appears, then immediately disappears – then I don't even know. Perhaps one of the psychologists here will write something clever. This is probably either some kind of complexes, or the partner is not suitable…

    You can try to talk to him about this topic. Share what excites you, what you like. Try to change the approach to sex, in short. Maybe after you discuss this, the burden from the soul will fall off and it will become better to turn out

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