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  1. You need to urgently seek qualified help. There is absolutely nothing shameful about it. People who have a toothache, or hemorrhoids fall out, go to the dentist and proctologist, respectively. A person who is depressed should go to other specialists.;

    A sense of hopelessness, a “black-and — white picture”, a loss of meaning-this is a differential symptom of many reactive states, long-term disorders and, alas, chronic diseases.

    Clinical depression alone leads an enormous number of people to disability, injury, suicide, and, alas, murder every year.

    Pull yourself together, don't write anything else on idiotic sites on Yandex, and just mechanically act on a very simple, agree, plan.

    In absentia, no doctor who respects himself and his career will diagnose you or give you a recommendation.

    Be happy and healthy.

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