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  1. You know, you can be all of these things at the same time – a punk, a rebel, a lady, a hard student, or whatever. You can feel different, and each of your current states is you. Maybe you're the kind of girl who freaks out when someone asks her in class, and that sometimes gets her answers wrong. And that's okay, there's nothing stupid or shameful about it.

    Who you are is not a similarity to a certain group, not a combination of some qualities by which you can identify yourself. You are your feelings, your interests, the movement of your thoughts, your aspirations, aspirations, dreams, your love for your family and friends, your loves, your sorrows, your favorite music, books and movies, the interior of your room, your favorite things, even your favorite numbers (even or odd, for example) or, say, favorite words, your style of clothing, your favorite food, your ethics, your body, your mind, your soul. Everything that makes you you and makes you feel your ownthe self is you.

    Over the course of your life, you may change your view of some things, you will change yourself, rethink yourself in the past, and all your past and future manifestations are also you.

    It seems to me that such an important thing as finding yourself should not be handed over to other people. I mean, it's great if you have different opinions, ideas, and sources around you, but only to help you find the answer to the question “Who am I?”, and not to answer it for you.

    Personally, I don't think people have a higher purpose until they set one for themselves. There are people who are purposeful and want to serve some cause, and this is very cool. Because this is some kind of conditional thing – this is also them, part of their self.

    But this path is not suitable for everyone, and this is also completely normal. It is normal not to identify yourself as one thing and push yourself into the framework of any concept. You can be different and feel different today or, say, in a couple of years. And, probably, the most important thing is to accept this difference of yours.

    And I think the best answer to the question of who I am is: I am me. With all your strengths, weaknesses, feelings, desires, thoughts, pain, ambitions and everything-everything-everything. And this is the path of self-acceptance-acceptance of the person you are, and the path of love for that person.

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