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  1. This phenomenon is called ” cognitive arousal.” It often appears in the structure of either generalized anxiety disorder, or in information exhaustion syndrome, or in neurasthenia. In this regard, it is necessary to conduct a survey to identify the causes of your condition and select appropriate recommendations for sleep hygiene.

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    Thus, the process of falling asleep begins. The so-called first stage of slow-wave sleep. The body begins to relax completely, which can resemble a feeling of paralysis. Consciousness at the same time retains an activity almost similar to wakefulness.

    Then the dream flows into deeper stages. But due to psychoemotional overexertion, he may linger for a long time in the described phase of drowsiness.

  3. The fact is that I have the same problem I can't sleep for 3 days no pills help nothing, I searched the whole Internet there is no information on this issue I went to the doctors but to no avail, I need to contact the author of this post and ask how he (she) solved this problem. Please respond kaa you have solved this problem

  4. One of the countless forms of meditation. To some extent, it replaces a full-fledged sleep – but not one hundred percent.

    When I want to sleep many times more than I can afford, I “sleep” in headphones with loud music. ´┐ŻOther publicly available meditation. Of course, you need to get a full night's sleep often enough, which may require physical exertion in the fresh air, etc.

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