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  1. Count it. I was in the hospital as a young man for more than a month. And there was a “liar” in the ward. It was never turned off. I returned home and couldn't relearn how to fall asleep in silence for a week. It's easy to get out of the habit – in no case do not turn on before going to bed and it will pass.

  2. And what exactly is the problem? Fall asleep as you feel comfortable. I, by the way, do the same. I listen to historical and documentary channels. The voice of the announcer calms and lulls you to sleep, and you can also learn a lot of useful things that will be well stored in your memory.

    This can be considered part of the problem only in a comprehensive way, and only if you need YouTube to get away from thinking with yourself, if you are afraid to be alone with your thoughts. If during the day our experiences are “clogged” by a smartphone, work, computer, Internet, work, etc., and once in bed you are already uncomfortable just lying down in silence, because fear creeps up somewhere and you want to drown it out, then there is already a reason to worry.

  3. You are not alone.This problem was once encountered by me, but I haven't had a TV in the last few years, and audiobooks have taken the place of films with monotonous and soporific recitative..

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