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  1. This is absolutely normal. Perception will work according to the usual principle, experiencing circumstances and reacting to them in the way that is peculiar to you. Perception in a dream depends on the individual state of consciousness, that is, the degree of its readiness. Some may experience and feel pain in a dream, which in the degree of its manifestation will seem similar to reality. Others will feel pain, but to a lesser extent than in reality (which happens more often). It is necessary to evaluate this difference only after the moment of full awakening, since in a dream the work of consciousness is limited and there is no possibility for comparative analysis. After waking up, there may also be persistent residual sensations in certain areas of the physical body, such as phantom pains. This is also quite normal and depends on the individual impressionability and intensity of the dream experiences. As a rule, such pains pass very quickly. If the pain persists for a long time in the waking state, then this can not be considered normal. You should immediately consult a doctor and rule out the physical causes of such pain. If there is no physical cause, but the feeling of pain does not leave, then perhaps the source of the cause is in the mental (mental) area. There are various methods of correcting such unwanted changes that can help solve the problem.

  2. I have the same nonsense.

    If this is a physical pain, then the answer to this question can be found in 4 minutes in any search engine.

    But I didn't find almost anything about moral and emotional issues.

    In my subjective opinion, if a person has any troubles with his head, internal tension, then the brain gives a discharge to the psyche with the help of dreams. And what exactly you see and what exactly causes you pain is most likely some kind of weakness, so the brain is hooked on this.

    I don't think that this is something abnormal, but rather the opposite. You can talk to a psychologist about this.

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