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  1. As someone with a sleep disorder, I sympathize.

    Lack of sleep is also harmful locally – the whole day is like boiled, and has delayed harmful effects-brain metabolism changes, early alzheimer's can occur. Yes, and the quality of life decreases-if you are all day after a lack of sleep.

    1. There are sleeping pills, but with them there is a risk of oversleeping all day, so I do not recommend it.

    2. Sleep disorders can indicate various balance disorders in the body and various diseases. This can be diabetes, depression, anxiety, lack of oxygen, habitual pain, and much more.

    Try to ventilate your room before going to bed. If there is no physical address. loads – sign up for a gym or section.

    If such simple methods do not help, you should contact a therapist to collect an anamnesis, and then to a somnologist or psychiatrist.

    Enjoy your dreams!

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