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  1. This is a sleepy stupor. A kind of disease, but it can also be a one-time occurrence. The causes of this condition can be very diverse: from chronic insomnia to a genetic predisposition.
    Treatment of sleepy stupor is difficult, since it is a chronic disease, and you can only count on periodic remissions. As a preventive measure, you should take care of emotional shocks, stress, do not engage in active activities before going to bed, and sleep in comfortable conditions. In general, do not worry once again and take care of your inner peace. You can try something meditative before going to bed, like yoga, to tune in to sleep.
    To get out of this state, if it still happened, is extremely difficult. Only if you are fully aware of what is happening, understand that you are not in any danger and this is only a temporary state for 1-2 minutes, but this is not easy.

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