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  1. You're absolutely right. Start with this. And try to emigrate. Nothing else can help you. Find a program and you'll get hooked. But remember that migration is hard work and a path of suffering. At least it leads to the goal…

  2. Inhale, exhale…

    You're actually going to die, too.

    There are still a lot of things that are not perfect and that you can hardly influence.

    Live here: in an imperfect country, in its not the best, but also FAR from its worst period.

    Or move out.

    The country is not a sentence or a cage at the present time, when the world is accessible.

    However, if we assume that you should, and you should, then-yes, woe-woe-woe. But it's also up to you to choose.

  3. The pronoun “my” may help you. As soon as you stop calling your country “this” and remember that it's yours, your head will clear up and start generating ideas.

  4. I'm also 17. And why are you so serious? Look out the window, then at yourself and laugh). People sometimes underestimate themselves and even very much. You have a lot of opportunities, believe me!!! Do whatever you want). Why think about the future, why remember the past? Live here and now. Learn to laugh for no reason – it's fun. Laugh even at your own insignificant position(if that is what it is). Easy reel talk, bro

  5. Apparently, you have too little experience to think about the future and the meaning of life in general. So I advise you to look for the meaning of life, read philosophy on this topic, etc. Then you can think about your future life and field of activity, try to understand what you want to achieve and what to do. For example, if you want to become a soldier, serve in the army, make an officer's career, etc., then there are wonderful opportunities for this in our country. The same can be said about working in agriculture, forestry, transport, etc. We are a country of great opportunities!

    If you realize that you will not be able to do what you love in our country – for example, treasure hunting-then you can go to any country in this world without any special problems. Now the move is completely legal and real without harassment from the government, the party, the special services, etc. However, will you be able to live in another country the way you want? Can you get a good job there without knowing the language and culture? Can you live in a different society with a different mentality, customs, customs, etc.? Many of our former compatriots could not adapt to this and returned. Therefore, before making a decision to move, I advise you to carefully study the problems of emigrants, their life in other countries, communicate with them by correspondence, study the specifics of the country to which you are going to move, etc. Perhaps you will give up on this idea.

    I can tell you about my experience of trying to emigrate. I planned to move several times to different countries, but when I got acquainted with the living conditions there and the prospects for work, I realized that I would be much better off here. Moreover, during my travels and communication with those who have already left, I realized that there are problems everywhere and no one needs us anywhere. Expats are just as much trying to survive there as we are here, and many are even worse off. One of the emigrants once told me that if I am HOMELESS and illegal in my country, then I should move, because the conditions for such people abroad may be better, otherwise moving can turn out to be a disaster. Many of our former compatriots, who sold everything to go abroad in the 1990s, became homeless, prostitutes, etc., or got involved in crime…

  6. Tim, unlike many adults who are limited by debts to their families and their projects, you have a great situation! You are free, you have a new stage-the transition from school to university, You are not limited in the place where you should live. What a blessing! All roads are open to you. You can build your own life.

    Try going to a foreign university instead of a Russian one and living abroad for a few years. From there, you will be able to see and understand exactly whether you connect your life with Russia, or whether it is better for you to live outside of it. At the same time, studying at a university abroad will give you legal ways to get a work permit in another country and the opportunity to stay there if you decide that you are happy there.

    I've seen similar situations many times in my 23 years of work, and moving and studying abroad for at least a few months or years has always helped to solve the problem of determining where a person is comfortable and confident.�

    Success in finding your country and be bold in making changes!

    Sincerely, Irina Sledyeva, AcademConsult

  7. I'll tell you a secret. Your internal state does not depend on the country of your stay. It will be bad everywhere if you look at the world through conditionally “gray” glasses. You need to look at life from a different angle, start acting and take an active position in relation to the world.

    Financial independence is very sobering, when you need to meet basic needs yourself, and not sit on the shoulders of your parents or someone else. This is one time.

    Second. Change or update your environment. Man is a social being: the people around us strongly influence our perception of reality. It's like a jar of cucumbers. It works, believe me)

    Good luck to you and good luck on the way)

  8. Don't get discouraged. Often there are no objective reasons for it – perhaps it is caused by laziness. Internet paranoia about the hopelessness of Russian life, depressive literature.� Don't screw yourself up – look at the kids �- here's an objective mood thermometer.

  9. Banal advice, but it is better to read more and get knowledge from wherever you can. There will be ideas, you will learn to think, to build your thoughts. The road will be mastered by the walking person. Just leaving the country in order to leave is not the best option. But if you clearly formulate the idea-why you need to do this or that-just what you can work on now.

  10. There is only one solution – emigration. Brain drain is very relevant in Russia right now.

    Find a country that suits your interests and opportunities, choose a university and go to study there. I'm 19, and I want to save up enough money for a student visa to go to a language school in Japan after the army, and then go to university and find a job. Even if you can only earn extra money during your studies in Japan for 28 hours a week, the minimum rate there is about 80,000 yen (40,000 rubles) per month, depending on the prefecture. So the land of the rising Sun is a good option for you.

  11. The author is absolutely right ,this is a hopeless country in terms of developing itself .Starting even from the physical level, in England, the United States, etc., people have a passion for sports instilled in them from childhood .Everyone runs in the morning, etc .We have the opposite, they have fun in parks with beer – Here you can go to infinity .I'm thinking about moving to Bulgaria for permanent residence .But we in our country build a lot of roads ,bridges and houses every year .

  12. You spend 3-4 months learning Polish. You come, a private university, food, dorm accommodation – 15 shifts at the checkout, and you can pay for everything yourself, and if you can do something, then even better. Apply for a Polish card and get EU citizenship in 5 years. In the summer, you go to Germany for a part-time job, and in 2 months you will pay for the entire next year in Poland.

  13. yes, what can I say here, I'm also 26, I go to work in February, in a German company, there are excellent friends from Hungary, I'm grateful for them, a good PO and a wonderful team, but somehow not that, still not that, I'm very nervous, in any case, no matter how well you know the language, no matter how many passports you have, you're still not in your swamp, people are different, traffic rules are different, relationships are different. Having lived here and there, I am happy to return to my homeland, here are my people and you are among them, I somehow fell in love with our people even more) I am happy with the Russian simplicity and sincerity, but I advise you not to sit still, go somewhere, as Goette said “Living exclusively in your own country, you opened only the first page of a fascinating book”. Try, take risks, and dream. Good luck!

  14. Score and live as you like.

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  15. Is it at your age to write about it? Go to work and don't rely on anyone!I have a nephew on Sakhalin with cerebral palsy who works two jobs and goes to the gym in the evening.Go to his page Polushin Sergey and learn from him.With his diagnoses in wheelchairs sit, and he is well done ! He doesn't have time to blow his nose.No offense,but I'm right.

  16. If you write “In THIS COUNTRY”, then there is definitely nothing for you to do in RUSSIA.

    As they say in your circle-you have to go!

    To Australia-to the mine! To Germany-as a plumber! In the USA-as a seller in McDuck! A sea of prospects – and all yours.

    If you are a UNIVERSAL PERSON, then your homeland is the whole world. Take advantage of what he offers you.

    Our country doesn't owe you anything. Especially if you are an amoeba, and you think that a self – made tablecloth is open for you abroad.

  17. Not what, but Who-God can help you. Read at least one Gospel (hint, the shortest is from Mark 😉 – any Orthodox shop/bookstore to help you (look for a synodal translation. sectarians have poor-quality translations from English).�

    If you are only interested in professional demand, try to learn programming (PHP, Python, JavaScript are the simplest). I myself am a programmer with experience and have no problems with employment.

  18. The magic pendel can help you. He's a good, heavy-bodied podzhopnik. It will be very painful – but maybe you will understand that the country does not owe you anything. Anyway, the world doesn't revolve around you and your feelings. You are in the same situation as millions of your peers around the world, you have an age crisis, you are scared and slightly depressed against the background of stress from exams and unrequited love. And these sufferings of your young Werther (18th century, just so you know) so banal that it's not even funny. Get some vitamins, play sports, start earning money on your own, and make your own life the way you want it.

  19. Go away please and Russia will live without you and the people here �, if that you can really try somewhere abroad, but in fact not everything is so bad you're in Africa

  20. Everyone's favorite party, United Russia, is to blame for this. It's high time to get this band of thieves out of the way. They have no values, because everything will be blown up to poor countries , and the fact that our country is left with a naked ass is the norm :-/

  21. You still have too little knowledge and experience to talk about “this country”. Feeling hopeless take your emotional problems personally, and deal with them. Go to the school psychologist.

  22. Our country is not so bad for self-realization. Many countries can not boast of such opportunities. It all depends on you, but not on the ruling party. And if such thoughts come to you, then you simply experience the fear that you have not yet found yourself in something. The country has nothing to do with it.

  23. Dude, get out of here while you're still young and have the opportunity to learn quickly, I didn't stay in Norway at the time and I really regret it now. Get an education in it or design here and get out, you don't need to spend your life on all this. This country will never change, there is just a category of countries that do not change because in their culture there is no such tradition, but alas, Russia is such a country.

  24. I think it would be most logical to gather your courage and rush, for example,to the United States on a program like Work&Travel or another. The United States is a country of expats, so the threshold for entering the local lifestyle will be minimal. You'll live in another country, make friends, learn the language, and then you'll see

  25. The time of troubles of thieves on a particularly large scale, which brought the country to hopelessness, will end. There are already all the signs that it is coming to this. And then your knowledge will be useful. At the age of 17, learn.

    Live in the future, spit on those who say that you need to be a vegetable and live by momentary desires. These are the people of the thieves ' gang. Man differs from cattle in that he sets worthy goals and achieves them.

  26. Thoughts about the hopelessness of the situation in the country come to mind not only to you, that is, here you are at least not alone, which means that you may be right.�

    On the other hand, it can be a manifestation of an age-related crisis, an identity crisis. But this is such a nasty thing that you, unfortunately, can only figure out on your own (I speak as a person who has experienced a rather severe crisis, although already in middle age).

    In any case, 17 years is a great age when a lot of roads are open to you (for example, at my age of 44, it's already too late for me to start walking along many of them). I would try to study or work abroad. In Europe, you can study for free in German or Czech, for example. This is a great opportunity to test firsthand how it is “there” and whether it is worth thinking about emigration at all. But the results will be a good European diploma, and even if you decide to stay in Russia, it will always help you a lot.�

    The problem here is that although education in the Czech Republic and Germany is free for foreigners, living there also costs money, and here, at least at first, you can critically depend on your parents ' funding (for example, obtaining a German visa requires an amount of about 10 thousand euros in a German bank account).

    But if you can't go away to study, you can try to get a valid education in Russia.

    It seems to me that you should think about getting the most universal specialty. That is, one that, with minimal adaptation efforts, can be applied even in Antarctica, even in Russia, even in Papua New Guinea. There are specialties with a minimal level of adaptation, for example, law (lawyers. as a rule, they are very strongly tied to the local labor market), journalism or PR, and there are some with the maximum, for example, specialists in the IT field. For potential emigration, not only a high-tech education can be suitable, but also, quite often, working specialties. Look at the relevant websites of immigration authorities in New Zealand, Australia,or Canada and find lists of popular professions. In Australia and NZ, for example, cooks, hairdressers and accountants have been very much in demand for many years. Electricians, excavators, etc. are needed everywhere.

  27. If you don't like living here so much, why not consider moving?

    Moreover, at the age of 17, there is a great opportunity to enroll in a university in any country of the world (fortunately, there are many scholarship programs for foreigners, and anyone can enroll in Scandinavian universities absolutely free of charge). And if it's not a university, then you can move and start working.

    Yes, it takes a lot of effort and determination, but if you are not ready for it, then is it right to complain at all?

    At the same time, moving may not solve all the problems and only bring a sense of hopelessness about another country.

    Then, perhaps, you should change your attitude to life and not focus on criticizing the country, because it is unlikely that only the regime is to blame for all your troubles.

    Read LYKKE, what if it inspires you?

  28. It can help to find your favorite business that you would like to devote your life to. Fully immerse yourself in the environment of your business, look for friends based on your interests. So you will have a meaning in life, a purpose. And then, if you want to, you can leave the country. From my experience, people with a passionate love for their work are valued in Europe.

  29. I'm 26 and I don't really see my future, but I have too many questions about it. It turns out to be an incomprehensible situation: many of my friends who had an airbag in the form of extensive knowledge and experience were out of work. Many people lying on the couch, on the contrary, the crisis spurred, became a challenge. I have, for example, a humanitarian specialty – I did a lot of things: I mixed cocktails at the bar, and repaired a rock club for thanks. And everything was cool in its own way, although the end goal is completely different for me.

    The most important thing is to be able to adapt to the situation, to find a way out where there seemed to be no way out. Soon there will be new professions and many old ones will leave. Someone will go to apply their knowledge in other countries. Dream of many things, but be prepared for everything.

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