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  1. To “regain your imagination”, you need to exercise, such as pumping your abs or running every morning.

    Start with simple things, such as an apple, a lighter, or a book . Draw an object from nature, clearly defining and constructing the shape and spreading out shadows. This will help you analyze the shape formation, on the basis of which geometric object everything is built (apple-ball, etc.).

    Start drawing from memory. In the case of an apple, a circle will appear first, transform it into a three-dimensional ball, and with more details added and the shape refined, it will become a fruit.

  2. I would suggest starting with watching science fiction and fantasy. Then draw on paper the contours of improvised objects (a lighter, pen, etc.), and then start gradually adding something of your own(so that some spaceship comes out of the same lighter, for example). The same thing can be done with kalyaks and simple geometric ones. Draw illustrations for the books you've read.

    Take a minute every day to come up with unusual properties for the item that catches your eye (for example: you see the cup. It is used for drinking, but it can also be used as a watering can, pot, cake mold, compasses, etc.).

  3. Are you sure that you have a clinical, so-called, aphantasia? The spacecraft fires a laser at an Earth-like planet, ripping apart the surface with a fire wave. A dragon swoops down on a flock of unicorns grazing by a silver lake. It grabs one small individual, driving the others away with its flames. Can't you just imagine it?
    Aphanasia is a rather unexplored phenomenon, and there is no exact opinion why and why aphanasia occurs, and it is also unknown what to do with it. It is believed that aphantasia is associated with degenerative changes in the visual part of the brain. I now advise you to give not as a doctor, which I am not, but simply out of a desire to try to help: get yourself coloring pages for adults and paint them regularly, attend trainings on intuitive drawing, just go through various trainings dedicated to drawing and creating any crafts with your hands. Try to read more fantasy/science fiction and after/before reading watch movies based on books (if any), try to learn more about abstractionism in any form. It is useful to play associative games: look for what clouds, foliage, cars, buildings look like, try to find any images and associations everywhere. Plus, I advise you to drink regularly and for a very long period of time omega-3 and a complex of B vitamins to support the nervous system.
    The bottom line is that I suggest that you increase the load on the visual part of the brain, and try some training to restore and improve the connections in it, which, perhaps, can bring a positive result.

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