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  1. One of my friends kozhvenerologiya likes to answer this question with a joke, perhaps it will be appropriate. And here is the actual joke-quote:

    All diseases are caused by nerves. Only syphilis from love.

  2. There are theories that indirectly prove the relationship between temperament and the occurrence of a certain type of chronic disease.�

    If you are angry and nervous a lot, then you can be classified as choleric. The weak point in choleric patients is the stomach, pancreas and gallbladder. Accordingly, choleric diseases — cholecystitis, pancreatitis and gastritis.

    The theory connects the emergence of psychosomatics with an internal conflict between the same intensity, but multidirectional motives of an individual. Conflicts of various contents cause certain types of diseases. Thus, hypertension is associated with the presence of a conflict between high social control of behavior and an individual's unrealized need for power. An unfulfilled need causes aggressiveness, which a person cannot show because of social attitudes. Duodenal ulcer is associated with an unacceptable need for protection and patronage for self-perception.But this is all at the level of theory.

  3. 100% true. self-tested=(

    For example, because of some serious problems you are worried. You can't sleep properly at night, and you only have one cup of coffee for breakfast. The food doesn't fit, you start to lose weight. For women to lose weight is dangerous, because fat produces female hormones-estrogens. They not only support the immune system, but also affect the reproductive system. And now you've lost a lot of weight. Monthly periods are delayed. You get cold – you catch colds more often. The immune system begins to get tired of fighting infections and you start to get sick more seriously. Lack of normal sleep and appetite causes weakness, loss of interest in life.

    Google it, depression is the # 1 cause of disability in the world.
    But these are the most “problems with nerves” – the psyche.

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