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  1. I wrote a long answer and something went wrong.

    I agree with the opinion that you need to start your own life. Even gradually, and maybe abruptly and on a large scale, here you need to listen to yourself.

    I had a similar condition precisely because I did something that I didn't want to do, but I knew it was necessary.

    My sense of self improved when I stopped doing things I didn't want to do.

    It's about hobbies… if you have a universal sadness in your soul and constantly want to sleep and not wake up, then it's very difficult to find something that you like enough to get your ass off the bed and go do this business.

    Believe me, I know what I'm talking about.

    So listen to you, there is definitely a small voice whispering there that knows what you want and what you need to do with it.

  2. First, you need to clearly understand that this condition is temporary, it will pass.
    Secondly, you should definitely go to a doctor, psychotherapist or psychiatrist. Don't be afraid, this is not only normal, but must be done. No one will look at you askance.
    Follow your doctor's recommendations.
    This is the best advice I can give.
    With respect and confidence that everything will get better

  3. Hi! In my opinion, this condition most often occurs when plans do not coincide with reality. First of all, I highly recommend that you try to start practicing yoga or any other type of sports activity. This qualitatively changes the self-perception. “Earn points for yourself,” as my psychologist said. The tasks must be feasible. And yes, I was in the same situation. Try. Well good luck.

  4. There are two possible options:

    • your condition is the result of a physiological disorder, and then you need to urgently see an endocrinologist. They can diagnose a metabolic disorder, or refer you to a colleague for depression (yes, this is also a disease that is officially recognized in a large number of progressive countries). This may be the last thing you'll have to do to scrape together the last of your strength, so you should do it as soon as possible.;
    • your condition is psychological. It is most often caused by the fact that a person does not see the results of their actions, or they differ from their expectations. In simple terms, you are most likely doing what you are forced to do (or you feel obligated to do it), and not what you want to do. You are studying in the wrong specialty, working in the wrong place, and communicating with the wrong people… And here the recipe is one, and it is as simple as 5 kopecks. It is necessary not to piss, and change everything.
  5. If sleep is your only pleasure, don't leave it for so long until you feel like changing it. For example, to enjoy food. When you have two ways to satisfy yourself, the third one will come by itself.

  6. There are many diseases in which increased drowsiness, lack of strength, desires and joy are characteristic signs. All-on the part of the endocrinologist. Hormones are naughty., and the person suffers. After Chernobyl and other man-made disasters, no one in Europe is immune from such sores.

    Read about hypothyroidism in the net. I suspect I have one ( in 1986, my last six months of conscription in the Kiev Military District were involved in the Chernobyl accident ) This is, simply put, when the thyroid gland is not working at full capacity. So do not torment yourself, perhaps your condition is simply a consequence of the disease. Do not blame yourself for anything, you need to go to the doctor.

  7. Our whole life is a dream. You can't get out of this dream. This can only be realized and acted upon in accordance with this awareness. When all people realize that life is a dream, then the world will change. We recommend that you read our manifesto. It's all a dream.

  8. Choose something to do. For example, learning foreign languages, or playing sports, or reading some books-it doesn't matter. What do you want. ( If you don't want to choose anything at random or in some other way) let's look at the example of reading classical literature. First you need to make a plan.( there are several lists of them) let's make a reading list. To begin with, we will choose a couple of small works. This is the number one list. Now making a list of each work for example the first work consists of 20 pages you make a list where the first item is the smallest and then goes on incrementally for example the first day is 3 pages and the second day is 4 pages and the third day is 5 pages and so on and it is mandatory in each of the lists Before each item there should be a cube For a tick After completing each of the items you put a tick. Now How it works and why everything is so complicated. First, a person produces the happiness hormone endorphin. It is developed by satisfying needs and desires. After completing each item and placing a check mark, you will feel the pleasure of having more check marks easier to complete these items The smaller the interval The release of endorphin in the greater the desire to continue. Secondly, now about laziness. Lin itself is a defense of the brain. It does not allow you to spend extra energy on unnecessary things. With the help of performing small points, you show in the brain that this business is necessary and pleasant for the body, and laziness ceases to work. In the first days, if you find it difficult to start reading right away, you can just look through books for a few minutes, think about what you will read thoughts will encourage you to take action. And the system can be used in everything. The main thing in the beginning is to force yourself. Implement in yourself that it is necessary Without this in any way the survival of the willow instinct may work reach out to this case

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