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  1. So this may be quite normal. You will really die, your family will really die. To remember this every now and then in the “background” – which is not, it's part of reality. The money may run out before payday, you need new boots for the cold weather, or you need to give them to repair, we'll all die, I'll cross the street in the wrong place, but I'll look around carefully; – this is a real-life orientation.

    If it's not in the background, but right in front of you, it can also be completely normal. Attitude to death is one of the main existential (“existential”, “existence – related”) questions, and now you don't care about it. Well, thank God you're growing up. Therefore, it is possible to carry it with you, cubature something there, develop a personal attitude; OK.

    In short, it is necessary to understand in detail. It's as if someone wrote “I think about sex, why and how to get rid of it?” From curiosity to “the time has come”, from philosophical reasoning to sexual maniacism, who knows!! “But offhand, the answer is 'because sex is an important part of life.'

    Well, death is an important part of life.

  2. There are a number of mental illnesses in which there are thoughts of an obsessive nature. But not necessarily) First, understand the nature of such obsessions. If I walk around the cemetery all day, there is a chance that I will think about it all the time, although there is a high probability that sooner or later I will not care, because the human is so arranged that he gets used to everything. Rule out possible causes. For example: frequent quarrels in the family, conflicts at work, being forced to perform any undesirable actions. Start with a basic analysis…. This is my approach.

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