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  1. You know , this is a hard thing, because it just seems that you will take the book of a great therapist, and immediately it will solve all your problems…. In due time. when we were going through psychoanalysis – I somehow couldn't do it at all, it seemed to me that I had a different logic, and in psychoanalysis classes our psychoanalyst always told me that I had the wrong program: “you are running ahead of the locomotive”, and I was so not interested in analyzing it for a long time-“about a dream” or “about – not a dream”. And I found a cool book that helped me understand it, and I mastered it-Psychoanalysis in pictures (in illustrations), in my opinion, by Anna Freud. And-somehow by itself I was attracted, and psychoanalysis came into my life… Especially, I want to advise you, remembering the story about one boy who brought a lost horse to his master and received a reward: the owner asked him – how did you find my horse? The boy said, ” I was just following the horse.”….So, I will allow you to advise you not to rape yourself, find your book, and just go for the horse….:))

  2. The lack of concentration on reading the book, in my opinion, can not serve as a criterion for “stupidity”.

    Lack of concentration, especially in relation to reading books, may depend on various reasons:

    • physical and emotional fatigue

    • lack of interest in this topic

    • incomprehensible words in the text

    and other reasons.

    Personally, when I have such periods, i.e. it is difficult to concentrate on reading, I start creating something with pens, that is, I activate fine motor skills, and during this period I do not read anything, but sometimes it is necessary to prepare for a consultation. If I want to read something, then I look for a book that interests me in audio format or through a reader program, that is, I do something purely mechanically, for example, I knit, and listen to the text.

    But this is only when absolutely necessary.

    If I understand correctly, you don't really need to read Freud's Introduction to Psychoanalysis…

    And yet, sometimes it is better to ask a specialist for help than to understand everything yourself.

  3. Don't read anything, don't upload anything. In any case, do not bother with the topic ” Oh, what happened to me?”. This is fatigue. It is necessary to unload the prole, give your brain a rest for a month or two. Do nothing with your brain-do it better with your hands, let your head rest.

  4. Most likely, you were not particularly interested in this book,you started reading because you thought that you were degrading.Or it was complicated.Try something easier like “rules of business correspondence”, “your own psychologist” or something about gestures.Just find your own, something that will be read in one go

  5. Sometimes a book is boring. Try an interesting one. What do you like: science fiction, detective stories, autobiographies, poems? Books with the basics of science or teaching are interesting only when you clearly understand that you need it, and do not want to make an impression: look, I'm reading Marx!�

    Total: “general outlook” you already have, read it either for fun or out of necessity.

  6. The right way is self – development with the help of books.
    But you still need to be consistent.
    If the book is not readable, then it does not correspond to your interests at the moment. You can follow the 50-page rule. If they are normal, then you can read 50 more. Not at a time, but at all.
    In general, I would like to say that any reading is useful. Even if the book is written by a child – any effort on yourself helps to be better. That's what it's all about)

    If, however, you want to consolidate a thinking person in yourself, I recommend reading the literature on the topic of logic. For example, there is a book “logic for humanities”, I haven't read it, but the title is clear, like.

    in general, the question is not clear, “how long do I not read?”
    Read 20 pages a day, any better than reading 300 a year.

  7. I didn't understand how people could think that if they read a book by some razumist, they would automatically become intelligent.
    The last book I read was Dunno on the moon. I haven't read a single book since 5th grade (with the exception of one autobiography and various articles).
    At the same time, I do not consider myself stupid, objectively, I am smarter than everyone around me. And this is not selfishness. At some point, I just realized that I really know more historical events, interesting facts (not VK groups), and personalities.
    As for me, it is better to have a little knowledge in many areas than a lot, but only in one.

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