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  1. Good afternoon.

    Thoughts of death are hardwired into our brains and are completely natural. Awareness of the conditional finiteness of the path is part of our mental nature.

    A constant reminder of death can be put to good use. For example, to do the necessary things for yourself, since it so happened that the opportunity was given.

  2. If I was sure that you are a person of Faith, for real, and not out of self-belief, I would answer – it is you who are being twisted by demons. This is an elementary emotional attack. Temptation, if at the church level. There, some horned gentlemen “see” what you are afraid of and what will affect you. And you, as the young people say, are a hundred pounds afraid of this
    Why do you think they do this? I am certainly not a prophet, but such an assumption is as if they want to drive you to folly, so that you either worship them or drive you to sin. For example, suicide.

    What to do? The mundane solution is to cultivate a healthy pofigizm.
    Like-well, we'll die, well, to another world, well, at least a whole cemetery of lids! So what about Cheto? Well, that's fine. Well, to hell with it.
    We all walk under God. How much is allocated, so much will be. And in the” stash “you will not buy years for yourself and “croak” will not “bite off”.
    So is it worth paying attention to these emotions and getting hung up, ruining your life, if, no matter how cool it is, sooner or later, we will all be the same tpm?

    Just ignore it and don't focus on it. Let him “vow”. I can be sure that you have an idea that such dark thoughts can materialize with you. If you think about them.☺
    This is nonsense. And even more so, these are not thoughts, but emotions that tempt you
    They did not arise just now. Perhaps it comes from the fear of early childhood. This often happens.
    Here is what will definitely help you,or rather who is God, the Mother of God, as the guardian of the Earth and the saints.
    Believe me, I understand you very well.

  3. As a suggestion – at some point, you may not even remember it, someone expressed or made it clear to you their doubts about the need for your appearance here. Most likely, it was someone important to you and what you heard and learned made a strong impression. And it was recorded in the subconscious and taken to action. Now it gives you these images.

    What can I do? Remove the emotional color from the event that occurred. You never know what anyone said, but apparently he had some strange reasons for it. BUT this reason is not YOU.

    And now you just need to take and convey to yourself a completely different idea. You have the absolute right to live on this planet. You have come for new knowledge, for new experience. And if you are already here, then it is absolutely important and necessary, absolutely.

    And don't prove it to anyone, don't explain anything to anyone, just to yourself.

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