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  1. If your knowledge of philosophy tends to zero, you should not start studying it with Hegel. It is better to take a textbook or something from the review literature, for example, Oizerman's book “Philosophy as a History of Philosophy”. Acquaintance with the primary sources, in any case, should begin with the commented editions of the ancient classics, and Hegel is already, so to speak, an advanced level for connoisseurs.

  2. As has been said many times in response to such questions [you can easily find them by copying the first part of your question in the search field], you should start by entering the Faculty of Philosophy of Moscow State University. You don't have to start with anything else.

  3. If you ask such a question, then you want to study philosophy. So you like her. So you've already encountered it once and liked it. If so, keep learning what you already like. And it, what you like, will tell you where to go next.�

    But if you just want a top five in philosophy at a university, then listen carefully to your lecturer and study not philosophy in general, but only the philosophical problems that are authoritative for this particular lecturer. After all, they will be taking the exam with you, and their priority will be answers that show the development of their own views on philosophical problems.

  4. To say that philosophy is a science is a sure way to get no higher than a C on the exam in this discipline. Philosophers don't like that word. Philosophy is a worldview, as they often say. If you look in dictionaries, they give definitions in the style of “methodology”, “form of cognition of the world”, etc.

    How does learning something start? That's right – from the basics, and most often in chronological order, i.e. having mastered the most basic terms in philosophy, you begin to study the movement of thought from ancient times to the present. First in line are Ancient India and China. Then Ancient Greece and Rome.�

    Well, who starts with Hegel? You need to be prepared for such information.

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