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  1. In general terms, yes-HSE is probably the best choice at the moment.

    However, the catch is that the “depth of teaching” criterion you set is unfortunately quite empty. �

    Go to the philosophy department – whatever you choose – preferably with a clear understanding of what you want to do there. If you go simply out of “general interest,” practice shows that you will almost certainly be disappointed very quickly wherever you go. You will almost certainly immediately encounter a huge number of courses whose purpose you do not understand, which do not cause you any response or interest – and unfortunately, in our tradition of philosophical education, it is not customary to explain why you need them, even in the case of really necessary courses, and many of them are really completely empty. And the further we go, the more such courses there will be.

    If you act with a clear idea of what you would like to do in philosophy, then you will work on this basis – here, I would like to try to solve such a problem, for this I need to know such and such languages (because it was written primarily by authors in such and such a tradition), understand such and such topics, know well, for example, two-dimensional semantics, etc. If you have such an idea, then you need to select a faculty based on specific personalities who are engaged in the topic you need, and not from an abstract “depth”. If you want to understand phenomenology , let's say you go to the Russian State Pedagogical University to see Molchanov. For analytical philosophy – at Moscow State University, for example, to Vasiliev or at HSE, for example, to Gorbatov. Ancient Philosophy – Moscow State University, Bugay. Etc.

  2. I have quite a lot of friends with a philosophical education. I've heard the best reviews about the HSE Faculty of Philosophy – HSE is progressive and generally very good. They also praise RSUH, two of my friends from Moscow State University transferred there and are happy with the change. In general, ask around students from different universities, you can find them in social networks and directly ask them about everything they care about, usually people are very willing to share such information.

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