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  1. Good afternoon. this is possible if a person has the appropriate abilities. But most of the people who advertise themselves are charlatans.

    Capable people can see the future, but how it happens is mostly a mystery that they can't solve. After all, talking about their abilities openly and advertising themselves, as well as getting paid for it, they lose such abilities every time.

    But you must understand that they see what you had well, but the future can be deceptive. Therefore, you should not always believe them. But whether you believe them or not, you should always move forward and realize your goals.

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  3. It seems to me that magicians, fortune tellers can really have some kind of power. The only question is, what is the source of this power and will it be useful to use it?

    For example, God often does not respond to a person's requests, does not reveal the future, because it will not benefit him. After all, a caring parent does not always fulfill the child's wishes. But does the person care about the power that is ready to fulfill everything that he asks and does not ask?

  4. How is this possible? There is an answer to this question in the Bible. If you think carefully, you can come to the conclusion that a person can not know what will happen to him even tomorrow, and not even for years to come.

    Only God can know about this. Divination is strictly forbidden by God: “you must not have one who guides his son or daughter through the fire, a soothsayer, a fortune-teller, a sorcerer, a sorcerer,

    11 enchanter, summoner of spirits, sorcerer and questioner of the dead;

    12 For everyone who does these things is an abomination to the LORD, and because of these abominations the Lord your God drives them out from before you; “(Deut 18: 10-12)

  5. My dear, you know I often believed in these stories. Everything you think and dream about will materialize…. If you leave all this information in your head right now, you will constantly inadvertently recall it. And when something happens, you will turn the words of this fortune teller as you need. Thus spoiling your biofield. I always thought that these are fairy tales, but the facts are on the face. People who do not program themselves for any actions are more likely to be happy, because they do not perceive the words of a fortune-teller grandmother as a guide to action…. They are worth their own fate. Go for it!

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