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  1. The advantages of such feats can ( theoretically ) only be physiological, which are already listed in other answers. This will not affect the ability to think in any way. What are the truths jagged, but not understood. And in order to understand something, you need to limit yourself to the amount of information consumed and have enough time to analyze it. Only then can you continue to consume the information further. Thus, mental activity develops, intelligence is formed, the knowledge base is replenished, and natural changes in the worldview occur.

    But in fact, it is not possible to memorize 10 full-fledged poems a day, it seems to me. Already on the third or fourth work, there will be a confusion in your head from the previous memorized verses, which will not allow you to cram further. But this is my personal opinion. Perhaps someone can memorize 20 full-fledged poems a day, but for me, 5 is unimaginably much.

  2. I don't know what the effect of 10 poems is, but the benefits of at least one poem will be like this:

    1. Definitely improve your memory)

    1. It will increase your vocabulary

    2. Perhaps your speech and speaking will be transformed

    3. Perhaps the way of thinking will change

    4. Improve your imagination

  3. I think that memory will improve and vocabulary will grow well.

    If you speak out loud and in front of a crowd, you will improve your confidence and public speaking skills.

    Just learning is also good, of course,but you can analyze poems, try to feel the emotions of the writer at the time of writing.

  4. I assume that serious degenerative-dystrophic changes in the brain are possible, up to senility, most likely there will be lice in your hair, your nails are not cut, your body will smell, and you will not look good in general.
    Why? Given that you probably don't have a photographic memory, and given the amount of time it takes for an average person to memorize a single verse, I'll assume that your entire waking time during the day will be spent memorizing verses. Therefore, there will simply be no time left for earning money, morning and evening toilet, cooking food.

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