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  1. A Christian should remember that according to the apostle's testimony, ” an idol is nothing in the world “(1 Corinthians 8: 4).. The combination of three sixes may be unpleasant, but in itself it does not carry any mystical meaning, and there is no point for a Christian to be afraid or shy of the numbers themselves

  2. A common mistake in interpreting the number of the beast 666 is that it is incorrect to write it down as three separate sixes, as I just did, but these are three numbers together: six hundred, sixty and six, which are found in the Greek text of the Apocalypse in this form. Three consecutive Arabic sixes or variations of numbers with three sixes do not really represent any connection with the devil's number, since the Arabic system of calculation itself did not exist at the time of the writing of Revelation.

  3. As funny as it may seem, some adherents of the Christian religion seriously believe that you should be wary of the notorious three sixes in your life. I will not say about the car number, but the real case took place with the INN. As you know, the tax service attaches an individual taxpayer number to each citizen practically from birth, i.e. the person does not choose it independently. It so happened that one woman in the room got three sixes in a sequence. Initially, she tried to change the number through the Federal Tax Service, but when she was refused, she went to court. The judicial body, taking into account the subject's right to freedom of religion, decided to make adjustments to the TIN.

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