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  1. The word “predestined” usually means two things::
    1. I knew everything in advance
    2. I decided everything in advance, hard-coded the events.

    God knew in advance what would happen to Jesus, so it was foretold. But He made no one do it. He just knew what free choices people would make, what they would choose to do. So the crucifixion was predestined in the first sense.

    But people always have the freedom to decide for themselves what to do. Humans are not robots that operate on a pre-written program. That is why we will be responsible for our actions, because we are free to choose from them. So the crucifixion was not predestined in the second sense.

  2. Is it possible to say that if you planted a pumpkin seed and a pumpkin grew, then something went wrong?

    The murder of Christ was the result of a series of events that reflected the mood of society and showed the inadequacy of the religious leadership of that time. As the prophets had said many times before, some of them were also killed. Jesus carried out his mission knowing what his ministry would lead to. He was going to his death. Death is of great importance to people, because the death of Christ provided a ransom. The death of Christ is the defeat of Satan. As predicted in Genesis 3: 15. .. but that's another story.

  3. This can be explained very simply – there is no free will, it is just a fiction. For example, you look at the sunrise and say, “The sun is rising,” because that's what it looks like from your point of view. However, if you look from the outside, it becomes obvious that the Sun does not “rise” anywhere, it is a fiction, something apparent. In exactly the same sense, “free will” is a fiction, something apparent.

    However, for some reason, everyone insists on this free will so zealously, even those who consider themselves believers. Why? Because that's what original sin is all about. Any free will consists in independent choice, in choosing between good and evil. Having determined what is good, a person thereby makes his choice in favor of it. Initially, the first people did not have the right to make such a choice, God Himself determined what is good and what is evil, thus controlling the choice of people. However, the first people wanted to have an independent choice, they wanted to decide for themselves what is good and evil. In the language of the Bible, this desire for free will is called ” eating the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.” Since then, this original sin of striving for free will has permeated all of humanity, as can be seen even in the commentaries on this question. People consider free will an axiom that does not require proof, treat it as something unshakable, and make an idol of it. If there is a clear contradiction between God and free will, they adjust God to free will, but in no case vice versa, since their freedom is their true god.

    In reality, there was no freedom, and there was no freedom, there is only an illusion of freedom, like “The Sun rises”. God has ruled over people and continues to do so. A typical example is the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. Of course, God did not just know that people would do this, He did it Himself by the hands of people. The Bible is very clear about this: “But it pleased the Lord to smite him, and “he delivered him up to torment” (Isaiah 53:10). “But as God foretold by the mouth of all his prophets that Christ should suffer, so He also “fulfilled it” (Acts 1: 10). 3:18).

    As for the responsibility for their actions, yes, those who believe that their will is free will bear eternal responsibility for themselves, since this is exactly what will be fair for them, and the sacrifice of Jesus Christ on the cross will not be an atonement for them (it will violate justice). If a person truly trusts God, then he does not need free will, he recognizes the control of himself by God, and then the responsibility for his actions will be borne not by himself (this will violate justice), but by God, which He has already done – the death of Christ on the Cross was for this person the assumption of responsibility for his actions by God. Thus, from the point of view of each person, God remains just – those who consider their will free will justly receive eternal responsibility for their actions, and those who consider themselves governed by God will justly receive exemption from this responsibility, since Christ has already borne responsibility for them.

  4. God is omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent, etc. By giving man free will, God saw what would happen next. The crucifixion was not foretold; the crucifixion was announced by God through the prophets in order to preserve the people's hope of salvation. But it was all necessary. As a grain must die to bear fruit, as steel must be hardened to harden. Humanity needed the Crucifixion of Christ to be cleansed of its sins. If you personally stole it, you should know that this is why the nail was driven into the hand of Christ. Ask for his forgiveness, and the next time you reach out to someone else, think that you are personally hurting him. Man is immortal , we are given a chance to be with God in Paradise. God doesn't want hell for anyone, we go down there ourselves.

  5. The world is created according to the laws of God (the Supreme Intelligence). Consequently, the actions performed in it are calculated by the Higher Mind.

    Chess is created according to human laws. An experienced chess player can easily beat a novice by anticipating his actions.

    But, more seriously:

    Our world is a formula for its Creator. We are also formulas, this has already been proven, our thinking is an algorithm and all our thoughts are determined by the content of the algorithm in our inner world.

    So our thoughts are also formulas in the formula of the world.

    They are available to the Owner of Formula World. As a program and all the calculations that take place in it are available to the programmer.

    But the Higher Mind does not interfere with our thinking from within a person, but only through the data entered into the program of thinking (sermons, commandments). Since the intervention will disrupt the process of thinking in which everything is logical. If you enter some information into it, knowledge will appear, as if not from where, and the person will lose the ability to think logically. Because the algorithm of thinking puts knowledge according to its own rule.

    Therefore, the Higher Mind sees and knows the thoughts of everyone, but it can only influence them through data input in a natural way, through the senses. For this reason, Christ entered the world and taught (gave data for understanding, laying in the process of thinking) and did not introduce in everyone, as an instinct, built-in programs.

    What can be done with the soul (organism), can not be done with the spirit (thinking), because the spirit obtains knowledge, accumulates and transmits to another spirit through external media, and the soul (instincts) are transmitted through the genetic code.

    So God knew what was going to happen and knew what effect it would have on people's thinking and what changes his physical death would bring to the world.

    This was done, and the results are such that we are still considering and discussing it 2000 years later.

  6. Every physical object on Earth has a specific shape. In humans, this is a skeleton in the form of a Cross, to which other organs are attached. And they suffer until the person dies and they are released. Jesus was created as a symbol of man, his life and suffering on the Cross.

  7. The death of Christ is God's plan, as an atoning sacrifice for the sins of mankind, He was destined to go to the cross; He came to the planet earth for this very purpose. And it is not difficult for God to predict the behavior of created beings. Even psychologists and astrologers do this. Jesus also had the freedom to give up the cross and become a king, for example. He made a difficult choice, not because it was preordained, but because he loved his Father and people.

  8. Technically, God in Christianity can influence the free will of an individual, if it is necessary for some bright events. Thus, when the Jews left Egypt, “God hardened Pharaoh's heart.”

    The crucifixion of Jesus had several prerequisites. The main one is that Jesus went against the Jewish high priests, against some of the principles of the Jews of that time, and quite radically. He even recognized the right of the Romans to rule over the Jews. Therefore, the probability that Jesus would be exposed to persecution was very high. And if you take into account the historical period when Judea is covered by constant uprisings… It's like in Russia in the 1990s accusing someone of collaborating with Chechen terrorists.

    So the details might differ, but the execution of a rather harsh preacher who accused the leaders of the Jewish people of deviating from the foundations of the faith in the 1st century was very likely. And the successful “betrayal” of the student pushed the process.

  9. Everything is simple.. you go to drink and you know that you will be drunk, you will have a hangover, and the money from the shop at the entrance will certainly not recognize you as a savior.. “hey, nyurka, look, another drunkard, are they smeared with honey here?” … this is a very primitive example, but it reflects the essence-planning.. that's just a person can only foresee such small things, and God, first of all, is able to manage anything and substitute people for the necessary situations, the decision in which people of course make themselves.. (by the way, I can do that too.. you can go up and spit the redneck in the face.. I assure you, 100% it will attack you).. and also do not forget that God sees the future.. you have played pool on your PC or phone on an easy difficulty level where the path of the balls is highlighted with lines.. and when you change the position of the cue, the trajectory lines also shift (and professionals can feel these paths even without highlighting, on a real table.. it's just how the game's physics work and it's predictable).. and so.. god also sees changes in the forecast of the future with the slightest changes in the direction of its movement, spoken words, etc. plus, Jesus controls from earth, and the father from a completely different level of being.. much broader..

  10. There is a strange moment. For a human, there is free will, but not for a Deity. The crucifixion of the Messiah was more precisely preordained. Because of the Jewish tendency not to believe even what is written without strong evidence, God writes the Book, trying to reach out to all the slow-witted people in all its 500 pages-who the Messiah is, where he comes from, what mission He came on, and even how He should go back. And it was not for nothing that He tried – even when the Coming had already taken place (!) – they did not recognize Him and did not accept (and therefore did not repent). If the question is, could the Messiah have renounced his Way if he had chosen to use the Law of Free Will? Yes, He had a choice. But He deliberately chose Light over Darkness. I wonder what choice you'll make using your gift of free will.)

    • First, God can do anything, but He leaves the will of man free … “by predestination.”
    • And secondly, it was not difficult to predict the crucifixion of Christ, because Jesus was going into the world that God had given to the devil. To tempt people (Luke 4: 5-6). And in this matter they were not free, because they were powerless to resist his temptations! Still from the grandparents.

    So at the crucifixion of Christ, they were not free, but, incited by the devil, some shouted: -” … Crucify Him, crucify Him … ” and the others were just there, paralyzed with fear!

    So, your question is appropriate, but you have overlooked this small detail-the will of the devil! And in this case, it was his will that was decisive!

    • And yet the Jews were still condemned?

    No wonder – for the same thing-for the temptation of the devil to become like gods themselves-Adam and Eve were also condemned.

  11. Everything is simple. First, predictions that have come true are always recorded or “remembered”, and those that have NOT come true are forgotten or hushed up.

    Secondly, Jesus himself purposefully went to the crucifixion, and he achieved this, so HIS prediction came true.

  12. First, the fact of predictions is not “ironclad”. Over the centuries, the Church, through the hands of its most zealous and capable fathers ( Irenaeus of Lyons , 2nd century, for example), adapted the Scriptures to suit its interests. Only in one of the oldest found gospels of the world – the Sinai Codex-4th century-more than 25 thousand edits were found.)

    Secondly, you can predict the fate of a person more or less accurately. This is what Astrology does. More precisely, it concerns people who do not have a strong character and who are slaves to their feelings and habits. Such people are easy to calculate. If a person has a developed consciousness and a strong will, he has enough strength to create his own destiny. It is clear that in a known and not very large framework. such a person is quite difficult to calculate.

  13. God sees the heart of a person,so He often shows mercy, gives a person another chance.Similarly, in secular law, a judge can show leniency, seeing sincere remorse and assistance to the investigation.However, a person often shows weakness even with complete remorse.Only fortified bastions keep the defense for a long time,and if they are built hastily, from stones …and sticks, then anyone will guess that the fall will not slow down to be. Adam was a perfect man, but spiritually immature, like a small child ,inexperienced and innocent. And a powerful angel,the right hand of God, a cherub, once showing envy for a person, a sudden weakness, fell in the eyes of God, instantly bringing to sin a person-the image of God.

    Of course,Adam had a chance to stay in paradise forever,but he missed it . But the predestination of God is always carried out,the question is only in time and options for its implementation. Imagine that you are guided by Yandex. Navigator,which has an infinite number of driving options,an infinite number of solutions to the same problem.Of course, YOU CAN CHOOSE ANY OPTION YOU WANT,but the final goal will not change. The basic stages that are not subject to correction are also known in advance, predefined.

    However, the meaning of freedom is not in the lifelong use of roles and benefits given to us by God,but in the fact that everyone can grow in the eyes of God ,becoming stronger in spirit. And this strengthening is possible only by overcoming obstacles, which the further, the more.

    Does God know that the entire history of mankind is an almost hopeless history of trying to overcome these barriers?”Of course! But it is important that everyone personally understands that it is impossible to be a saint without God, to be in paradise. You can't earn a place there by relying on yourself and your beautiful qualities,because there is no person who has not sinned at least once.

    .That is why there were predictions, so that there would be hope for such a person who would lead everyone out of the bondage of sin-Christ,the Messiah. But how is this “technically” possible?- through sacrifice, the death of the One Who is able to revive the color of the long-withered staff of the faith of Abraham-the cross.The pursuit of activity outside of Adam's God ended with the death of another perfect man, Christ, who was mature in soul and was able to overcome temptations and sin and remain in Paradise forever.

  14. I explain it to myself like this: God exists outside of time. For us, prisoners of time, this is determinism, conditionality of actions. If something is defined in advance, it can't change. And if it changed , it was wrongly pre-determined. But if we go beyond the time frame, we don't have such conditions. The entire flow of events occurs simultaneously, so to speak, and at one point. And here it doesn't matter that a person first decided something and then did it. Here, both prediction and free choice occur simultaneously, or rather, out of time. A person makes a choice, but all these options and this course of events are already known to God. And it is predicted (if it is a real prediction) what has already happened for God. Or it's happening now. Or it happens at all. It is difficult, of course, to really imagine this…

    Despite the fact that Christ also had a choice whether to go to the crucifixion or not. Events turned out so that I had to go.

  15. God can do anything, but He won't do it for everyone. Such an honor was given to those who were supposed to participate in His intentions. He gave everyone free will. Jesus was not just a man, he was the second perfect man on earth after Adam. And he was sent to earth to perform a special mission to save humanity. And so the Old Testament records more than three hundred prophecies about Him, from His birth to His death.

  16. God created man in his own image and likeness.That's saying a lot.Man has a part of God,he is free in his actions, although his freedom is relative.This means that it has boundaries beyond which it should not go.This is his freedom.With Jesus, everything is different,he was sent from heaven to save humanity.How could people recognize it if it wasn't mentioned in advance, for example:where he will be born, by whom, what kind of life he will live,what he will do, and how he will die.All this was necessary so that people would recognize him as a messenger from God.This was the exception, not the rule.

  17. There were records – prophecies about the coming of the Savior (Christ), but who he was-it was not said.
    The Bible clearly shows the search
    – is this the time foretold? Or will the arrival time be later?
    – “The Savior has already come, but he was not noticed”
    – and who is the Savior? Isn't John the Baptist?
    – …
    For 40 days Jesus fasted in the wilderness, deciding – “Am I”?
    He took the predicted path of the Savior. Jesus became Jesus Christ
    And at the end:
    (In modern language) 'please save me from this fate, but let Your Will be done, not what I want' – can be considered as insurance: if I came up with it myself, not my mission, then I don't need it – and the Words of Jesus were fulfilled before – the execution would be canceled.
    “…he will betray me… “” go and do your job!” – Judas

  18. We'll figure it out. The question is structured in such a way that I don't quite understand it.

    To predestinate, to cause, to be the cause of something; to condition, to prejudge.

    That is, a person's free will cannot be caused by God, you think.

    However! God gave man free will. And freedom of choice as well. A person decides for himself-according to what laws he should live – according to the commandments of God or not.

    This is the first one.

    Second , I don't see the connection between the first question and the crucifixion question. What is the relationship between human free will and the prediction of the crucifixion?

    Indeed, there were predictions. Isaiah 53 describes the rejection, suffering, and death of the Messiah, with Zechariah (Zech. 12:10) and King David (Ps. 21:17) predicting that the Messiah will be pierced. The Book of Wisdom of Solomon states that the Son of God will be incarnated as a man, will reprove people of their sins, and will be put to a dishonorable death (Prem. Straw. 2:12-22). But all this was foretold in the Old Testament.

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