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  1. The one that's his first since birth.

    For the vast majority of deaf people, this language is sign language. Gestures, visual images, and images.

    Especially if a deaf child was born in a family of deaf people — the continuity of communication paths is obvious.

    Then there is a kindergarten for deaf children, a school for deaf children…

    Therefore-in sign language, in the fundamental language of the culture of the deaf.

    Only then can it be added to the sign language, supplement its national written language. In very rare cases (and, as a rule, in hearing families), deaf children are initially tried to introduce immediately into the written language environment, and it can become the first. (This is also my case, so for me, Russian is the primary written language, and I think in it, love it, and write in it with pleasure. For me, sign language is an acquired language.)

  2. Who said that a person thinks using language concepts? For me personally, the process of thinking is 90% mental visualization of images and events. We simply use language as a means of communication, but not as a means of thinking, to convey our thoughts to another person.

  3. Maybe, instead of discussing this issue, try to teach people to hear? The idea was proposed about 40 years ago. Still not in demand. Yandex doesn't skip the link.

  4. A person does not think in any language, just creates the illusion of what he thinks when he translates thoughts into language. There are people who are deaf, there are people who are blind, there are people who do not speak any language, but at the same time all people think.

  5. I was a child when I could not speak for each case there was a feeling, I think this is the sixth sense when a person does not need it, he loses it, and while he is a child, he thinks with this feeling and what he saw, and not with any language this feeling is the language of a person!

    And your deaf-born will think in this language, and not in sign language there are no words in it something like brain smells I don't know how I thought about it but I thought when I was a child, this is probably the language of the subconscious it has not been studied for a drop nothing is known about it and it is impossible to almost communicate it is probably spoken by animals, bees speak with smells of hormones and perhaps this is that language the language of smells of hormones smell both in the brain and in naruzhe before the first languages people probably spoke this way before all languages then it was lost and sign language appeared then all sorts of other vocal languages.

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