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  1. I have two friends who talk incredibly fast, while chewing a little on the end of phrases. As observations show, they don't think very fast, it takes them a little while to understand everything, any joke, or question. But this is not their feature at all, we are all people, and we can all sometimes give the brain a rest. So I didn't see much of a connection.

  2. A lot of them don't.
    Fast � – in principle, yes, but this is not a plus.
    Rather, it is an indicator of the speed with which a person is most comfortable to perceive information, but it does not say anything about the way of perception and the quality of processing of the information received.
    In simple terms, a fast-talking fool is still a fool, and a slow-talking smart person is still smart.

    In practical terms, this means that the person who speaks quickly will experience some discomfort (maybe even turning into irritation) if his interlocutor speaks slowly.
    Well, the person who speaks slowly will not be happy with a fast-talking interlocutor.

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