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  1. Actually, you should visit a neurologist and/or psychiatrist.

    A small search gives this answer:

    .. There may be several reasons for memory loss. First, these are brain injuries, both directly bruises and hemorrhages, which inevitably lead to problems with memorization. The cause can also be a long-term depressive state, especially if it is accompanied by sleep disorders. …

    .. A neurologist can detect an underlying medical condition with appropriate neurological symptoms on examination. The analysis of the mental state is carried out according to various tests approximately by a neurologist and in-depth by a psychiatrist. …

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  2. Most likely, you just don't remember what you're not interested in. The usual thing.

    You are an introvert, and you are not interested in the names of your colleagues. You are a humanist, and you “don't care” about the multiplication table. In the metro, you are interested in the departure station and destination station, the rest of the information is on the side.�

    It's actually a good idea not to memorize too much. Otherwise, as Sherlock Holmes said, your head will be like an attic filled with junk, where you can't get to the right information.

  3. If you have not had any traumatic brain injuries, neuroinfections, or organic changes in the brain, then memory loss at such a young age may have several reasons. First, “information overload; a large amount of information leads to the fact that some” data is not stored in memory due to the lack of sufficient concentration of attention, and after applying this knowledge or rarely using it, information is deleted from memory, preserving only important information; bad habits, oxygen starvation, lack of sleep and poor nutrition, stress and depression, and a fast pace of life can also lead to impaired memorization; computer games can reduce attention. To improve memory, you need to eat right, follow a sleep and motor activity regime, give up bad habits, walk in the fresh air, train your memory, and form associations that help you remember information when memorizing. Less gadgets and more live communication with colleagues. If there are any other complaints, I recommend contacting a neurologist. Good luck to you!

  4. For me, this would not be a problem, because with a very large flow of information that each of us receives daily, it is very easy to ‘forget’ unnecessary information. Of course, if you forget important things, if the names of colleagues or stations are important to you, then you need to see a doctor. Consult them. Since modern man lives in constant stress, surrounded by a huge stream of garbage from information, the brain responds to all this with failures and blocking.

    If you have had injuries, any problems have occurred, then also do not hesitate to contact a specialist!.�

    In general, relax, get enough sleep, sit less on the phone, meditate, freeing yourself from the constant load.�

    Health in general largely depends on how we monitor our internal state, how much we are in harmony with ourselves.�

    Don't get sick. Good news to you!

  5. Use less drugs (zero is better, it is the least).

    From them, other problems will be and will remain forever.

    Teeth, psyche, heart, liver, etc. Take pity on your health, after 50 it will be very much missed , and you will want to live further

  6. What kind of lifestyle do you lead , what time do you go to bed , what time do you get up? How do you eat, how much do you weigh , do you like sports and how much? What is communication with people of the opposite sex?

    But if you go to bed at 2-3 o'clock in the morning, get up at lunch, do not eat regularly, alcohol and light drugs, etc. then this is normal, that your brain doesn't fucking work.

  7. Or an overdose of information: when you read/watch/listen to something all the time.
    Even when you don't study or memorize it specifically, the brain still analyzes, structures, and so on.

    If �there is a condition, for example, after a difficult day of work, when thoughts �run around in circles and someone “pieces”, not logical chains.
    A free letter (freewriting) helped me-as if you “merge” the extra ones, two weeks have passed.

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