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  1. Entheogens! They've been inducing religious psychosis for thousands of years!

    Neuroleptics! Eliminate religious beliefs since 1952!

    I'll join the previous speaker – so what?

  2. Atheists generally THINK. They analyze evidence so that they don't blindly, uncritically BELIEVE in any nonsense!

    Only a very ignorant person can fail to know that thinking is a function of the brain. Whose school education has completely passed by…

    The second part of the question was well answered by DBN A. Markov in his interview:

    “For any mental function, you can find an area of the brain that is damaged and you will lose this function.

    Moderator: So if a religious person who believes in the divine spark is damaged in a certain area of the brain, he will lose his religiosity?

    Markov: In this case, the situation is reversed. I'm afraid I'm going to say something politically incorrect. To turn a deeply religious person into a rational person, an atheist, you need not destroy something, but add something to your brain. There are areas in the parietal lobes of the cortex, the destruction of which leads to a significant increase in the tendency to religious and mystical experiences.”

    A compact area was found in the posterior lower part of the left and right parietal lobes, which seems to be aimed at curbing excessive spiritualism. Italian neuroscientists in 2010 found that people who lost this part of the brain as a result of surgery, significantly increases the tendency to mystical and religious experiences.

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  3. Any word you hear, or see, or “come to mind” is an impact on the mind. It is as a result of the impact of words that the brain produces thoughts. Thoughts are constructions of words. Like buildings made of bricks. To create atheistic beliefs (and not just natural worldly sanity), a very large impact on the brain is required. Much more than creating religious beliefs in a defenseless child.

  4. The brain is like a phone, it can spoil the reception or transmission of content, it can run out of battery, break glass, drown it, or lose it, but this will not affect the information that it should have processed properly.

  5. By acting on the brain, you can actually cause a variety of effects that can add up to a picture that in turn will convince the individual of communion with God. or Satan. Or a pink unicorn.�

    But thank God the law forbids influencing the brain of individuals.

    However, individuals often themselves have different cheerful effects on their brains with various banned chemical agents, and this effect does not generate anything in their brains.

  6. Of course! Educated brains can't be compared to uneducated ones! Learning light. but ignorance is darkness! Therefore, children start their lives from school in order to enter life with educated brains. It can't be otherwise!

  7. I know that everyone's brain is different! Therefore, someone is able to learn, comprehending knowledge that no longer requires any proof! And there are brains that are not able to learn basic knowledge!

  8. I know for sure that the brain can be educated, i.e. it has studied a large amount of knowledge of previous generations and proven by indisputable scientific facts! And based on this, scientific conclusions are drawn that have been developing a person for centuries, giving irrefutable evidence! And illiterate assumptions of an uneducated person who does not understand much about science, who tries to prove something just because he likes it so much, without basing it on scientific conclusions, then this is called FONTASIA or FAIRY TALES ! From them, the religious conclusions of illiterate people were born!

  9. Faith in the gods is an unscientific easy way to understand the existence of life on planet Earth! The development of life on Earth is a long way from primitive people, with a lack of knowledge about the real world and a primitive interpretation of it, to modern man, who also does not know everything about the origin of life on the planet! And only science, knowledge and the level of education of people are able to give answers to all unknown questions! And the belief in mythical gods is the lack of already existing evil knowledge among believers, their dense lack of education !

  10. I know people who do raj. yoga. And when you achieve a result that does not fit into the consciousness of a sane person, there are two ways – either to a “rest home” or to religion. In the second case, the brain was restored, but services and prayers were not missed. The second example is well – known-Bekhtereva-faced with what cannot be by definition-flew to religion. I'll just tell you that religions are also delusions. Because they took the Bible as a basis – a book that they themselves can not read, and built on it who is in that much. Meanwhile, this is a complete treatise that can be understood in one key. And in addition, it is written not to worship the products of human hands, in which there is no living soul. That is, they took it as a basis and began to do everything in defiance. But this is a separate topic.

  11. Man is a fragile creature. And not just a human. And any organism, even a single-celled one. It is complex and subtly arranged. By acting on the brain, you can do anything with this creature: from a submissive slave, to a neurotic fool who will shake and take food through tubes. But what does this change by and large, and what is your interest in this topic? Infantile resentment towards people of a different worldview?

  12. Theoretically, you can. If you run nanorobots in the brain, they will create the necessary connections between the required neurons in the right places of the cortex. But practically such technologies are a matter of the very distant future.

  13. Well, why not? Of course, �can be used. Certain effects on the brain can cause hallucinations, disrupt the logic of thinking. Destroy the person altogether.�

    And what should follow from this?

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