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  1. What kills us is not drugs/alcohol/cigarettes, but addiction to them. This also applies to plentiful food, sweets, physical activity and much more.

    But why alcohol, drugs, and cigarettes are addictive is another question.

  2. You have to pay for everything in life. In the case of using the above substances, a person feels good, but his health suffers. * Retold the question, preface, read on*

    For example, drugs. Take the so-called “synthetics” (spice, Meth). After consumption, these substances act on the central nervous system, can slow down or, conversely, accelerate it. In any of these cases, the robot feels good(although spice is specific, it can give joy, or it can show scary pictures) so, a person feels good, he likes it. but. These substances break down into toxic compounds that are difficult for the body to process, and even worse can accumulate in the body, thereby destroying it.

    Cigarettes (namely nicotine) cause an increase in the action of acetylcholine – lowering blood pressure, vasodilation, muscle relaxation, etc. but, the tar of cigarette smoke settles in the lungs and can cause well-known diseases.

    We conclude by repeating the preface – you have to pay for everything.

    I hope I answered easily. Thanks for your attention

  3. Neither a smoked cigarette, nor a glass of whiskey or vodka kills a person instantly, And everything that does not kill us immediately only makes us stronger.

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