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  1. Clay cannot know the potter's plan. So man is ignorant of the providence of God.
    The man is too proud : He began to talk about God. And we are here to do His will, and people's arguments about Him are ridiculous, naive and crazy.
    He told us about Himself that He is Love, and His next message to us was: yes, love one another. This is the whole law and the prophets.
    It is a divine Law to always do what you want them to do to you. Do everything out of love for another, not out of love for yourself. God has not given us any other laws.
    And to think about whether He can change them at His own discretion or not, it is not said anywhere.
    Now, if we change ourselves, the Lord will also deal mercifully with us. There are many examples of this in the Holy Scriptures.
    But, based on the analogy with the laws of the material or natural world, we can assume that you can not change them at will. Neither the law of universal gravitation, nor the law of conservation of mass, nor any other law in force on earth can be abolished. They easily change the laws of law, civil and ethical. But not the ones that underlie life on earth.
    But man is not God! There is only one true Person, and we can only strive for Him, eliminating in ourselves what is incompatible with the concept of humanity. The Lord showed us an example when He came to earth more than 2,000 years ago. He has given us commandments that are designed to change our spiritual state. They are eternal and unchangeable.
    But what is impossible for man is possible for God. No one canceled the miracles. A miracle is a violation by the will of Almighty God of the natural course of things established by the same will.

  2. His world is Himself, and the law of His world is Himself. One of His names, which He gives to man Himself, is the Existent, that is, it really exists independently of everything only He, Alpha and Omega, everything else that “exists”, the worlds this and that, were created by Him. This is clearly evidenced by the Scriptures, no world exists independently of It, including the spiritual, transcendent one. God does not exist in a spiritual world independent of Him, as man does in this one; He creates both worlds, being Himself outside of them both, and creates them both. Otherwise, we will have to accept the condition that this transcendent world has an uncreated character, and accordingly, as a minimum, is equal to It. Accordingly, His omnipotence extends to both worlds.Besides, we don't yet know exactly how many of these transcendental worlds there are, and the Scriptures suggest that there are more than two of them, but none exists independently of It.

  3. Imagine that the figures drawn on paper are talking about their creator: could we have been drawn differently? Can he draw anything in our world? And if so, can he do anything in his own world?

    Now ask yourself: can you really draw anything? Can you do anything in your life besides drawing?

    Man is created in the likeness of God – so God would have responded in this situation in the same way as your answer.

  4. Unknown. Creating Reality doesn't exist for us.

    Man also creates new universes (realities) according to the laws of our world and is also transcendent for the created realities, but he cannot change the laws of his reality, he can only study, which is what science does.

  5. Hello.

    According to the Bible, God is omnipotent, omnipresent, and beyond space and time.

    What is the world of God?

    If you look at the Holy Scriptures, then this is paradise; if you talk about the power of God, why not?

    He's all-powerful, that's saying something.

  6. There was no transcendent world. There was nothing but God. Therefore, we can speak not about the properties of a certain “world”, but about the properties of God. The attributes of God are unchangeable. And yet God is omnipotent. For example, He belittled his nature (properties) by combining it with human nature, in the image of the Second Person of the Trinity. Jesus Christ.

  7. And how can you find out? “no way.

    The Bible doesn't say much about where God dwells.

    Here is one of them

    the only one who has immortality, Who dwells in an unapproachable light, which no human being has ever seen and cannot see. His honor and eternal power! Amen.

    1 Timothy 6 – The Bible: https://bible.by/syn/61/6/#16

    We are talking about another reality that is inaccessible to our own, i.e. it has a different matter.

    But, you can speculate based on our reality.

    After all, we are in the position of God in relation to the virtual realities we create.

    Here we can say more definitely: we cannot control the laws of our reality.

    But, we can create a virtual reality for ourselves and arrange it according to our desires, and only create lower realities from it.

    Therefore, we can assume that God can also do this.

    It is said, “God the Father has life in Himself,” which I take to mean that He is immortal in our World, just as a gamer is immortal when entering the world of a game. So his avatar can die, but this does not affect the life of the player himself, because it is in a different Creating reality. So the organism-the carrier of consciousness, can be in a certain reliable reality on full provision, consciousness can be in a certain world arranged by God in which He sets the laws, and He can create new, lower worlds, such as ours and the one who will deepen the worlds (as we began to do), thereby expanding the abode of God. At the same time, we work for ourselves and expand our abodes.

    This means that the way of development of civilizations is not to conquer the Cosmos of hot stones-stars and cold stones-planets, but to create and conquer new worlds created by the Fulfilled Word (Logos).

    In this case, the purpose of the Tree of Knowledge is clear-knowledge is food for the spirit. And the spirit is thinking itself, the development of which leads to the creation of programs (Logos, Words) and executive arrangements that create new worlds.

    The expansion of the Universe occurs not in breadth, but in depth, it is like saturation with new life-giving laws (spirit).

  8. I believe that if there is a God (generally accepted concept), then He cannot change anything. He Himself is a law, and everything that comes from Him is a law-based consequence, the cause of which is Himself.

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