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  1. It is obvious that He could not have come from what he created himself, which means that he does not come from the observable universe. The universe as we know it is limited by its own space and time – while God lives in a world of other laws, for which our universe with its space and time is only a partial abstraction.

    In short, God does not need to come from somewhere, since he exists outside of time and always exists.

  2. In your words, it is clear that the Creator did not actually create anything for you, since everything was before him and he only took advantage of it. Therefore, it turns out that he is not the creator, but the manufacturer.

    God, on the other hand, is a power that is not subject to time and has no point of reference. It is only He who fills all greatness and creates all power. Since everything that exists and is defined, as well as what exists but is not defined, is subject to it, since in essence it is a phenomenon dependent on what is happening.

    Everything is subject to God, because everything is more or less dependent on what is happening or happens depending on something. He is omniscient, because everything happens and originates from him. It is unknowable and actionable, since knowledge is secondary to it.

    God is absolutely omnipotent and everything, including space, energy, all possible manifestations and states of matter, is created and subject to him.

    And no matter how powerful beings are and how boundless space is, he will be infinitely transcendent and unknowable to them.

  3. The appearance of something is inherently the product of something stronger or more substantial than itself. In essence, as a result of a combination of circumstances, or if we talk about larger-scale phenomena that do not depend, in a certain sense, on time, everything will somehow be dependent or have a basis on some, possibly imaginary, reference point. Accordingly, reasoning in this way, everything including knowledge and thought will be based on something and dependent in its essence.

    Thus, if something has a dependency and comes from something in its essence, then it cannot be the highest. If God was created or appeared out of nowhere on the line of reference of knowledge that is so presented to consciousness, then He cannot be Someone higher, since this would be due to the countdown of time, which in this case would have a determining role. But according to the concept of time is subject to God and not the God of time. In our case, even the passage of time, like time itself in its essence, is dependent and has an origin in itself, which negates its “all-determining” meaning. God is a power that has no point of reference, since he is all that distributes and creates greatness. God is love, and that says it all. Since EVERYTHING that exists, has and does not have a definition, will come from It. God is all-encompassing and everything is subject to him, since everything is dependent and growing. For God, there are no boundaries as such, as there would be in the case of His own origin.

    The Bible says, ” In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.” Thus God is love, since everything else is inherently inferior to love. It all started with God, because God is our beginning.

  4. God cannot “take”, He is the absolute, and He does not depend on space and time. It simply exists, without beginning or end, simultaneously with the universe (not to be confused with the universe – it is a short-term, local creation). Can you imagine infinity? I don't think so. You have to make do with all sorts of quirks, such as tales about a raven who sharpens his beak on a diamond mountain, or like the fact that infinity is something whose center is at any point of it. Understand?” No. Me too. We can only accept such truths. (Or not accept it as respected atheists). He gave us a starting point for thinking- ” He is in everything, and everything is in Him.” Think gentlemen. Here's a look at the subsequent comments. And you know what's stuck? Time. It is mentioned everywhere. Einstein's disease? But time is a fiction, and everyone knows it.

  5. God is a highly evolved human or any other species that has passed through the stages of development: the first mental, second mental, third, mental, fourth mental, then the cosmic cycle of development. And the universal God of the entire cosmos is nature, and its unshakable laws, about which we have very little idea expressed in 3% of what can be learned.

  6. Not everything that a person knows, he will tell everyone he meets-cross, especially snidely smiling. And it's too weak to ask yourself, or are you afraid to shit yourself with fear? But if you don't believe it yourself, how can you believe the answer? For only ” he that hath ears, let him hear.”

  7. The universe is a small fraction of creation. Life does not arise out of lifelessness, but life out of life. Lifelessness was always there and life was always there. The Creator has always been there. Just as the energy has always been there. After all, according to the law of conservation of energy, it does not appear out of nowhere.

  8. Because when the scriptures speak of creation, they mean the creation of material universes (and there are many of them, not just our one). But the Lord Himself is beyond this material universe in the spiritual eternal world. That world is eternal and has never been created and will never disappear. And created universes appear and disappear in due course.

    As already answered here: God is eternal and his energies are eternal. For him, there is no concept of “appearing”. In fact, as for us, we are immortal souls, traveling forever through the universes in different bodies. Only our bodies die and are born, not ourselves.

    Source: Bhagavad Gita, the oldest book on spiritual science


  9. The most correct question! The idea that Boch created the universe is just an embedding of an intermediary in the process of the universe's origin (from the word universe, and not what is called the cosmos). Even if it's like “out of” time. Then there is another question-the process of creation, design and emergence of this idea took place simultaneously, then how and how could Boh participate in this?! It turns out that it occurs in PARALLEL with the emergence of the universe.:))

  10. Vishnu begets Brahma. Brahma begets Shiva. It is the same-space generates causality, and causality generates time. Brahma is the galaxy. And the origin of Vishnu is beyond the reach of the human mind

  11. The Bible is a human invention. One of the attempts to realize the Creator in the role of God. And these are different things.

    The Creator is what created everything that we see and don't see. He is the Truth. Its quality is expressed in the laws of our nature, especially in animals. The strong devours, destroys, kills, dissolves the weak. To call it love is blasphemy, and just nonsense. Love does not imply violence and murder – as is the case with current love.

    God is a person's attempt to personify the Creator in their own personal understanding. Impose on the Creator a personality that is convenient for people themselves, thus consoling personal selfishness.

    The Bible should be thrown out long ago. And recognize the Creator in nature and come to terms with what he is.

    When a lion devours its prey, all this tragedy pleases the Creator, including moans and screams. And you don't want to accept the Creator's will with your obsessive interpretations of His behavior.

    The Creator didn't come from anywhere. It was always there.

  12. God was created by the previous God when he was tired and thought-why do I need all this? Let others figure it out, I'm tired of messing around in this shit. Created it and said Stop. And there was only a new God, who did everything according to his mind after the previous one.

  13. Many legends of many peoples begin with the fact that from the beginning there was nothing. Then the world begins to manifest – there is one god, another… So the ancient people were wiser in trying to answer this question. God does not create as a chemist, but at the laboratory table; he creates out of himself. But these are just legends.

  14. If the programmer wrote the program, then where did it come from?

    When you know the Programmer, then He will tell you where He came from. If it sees fit.

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