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  1. Yes, of course, history uses scientific methods. This is just as true as it is true that the methods of historical science differ from those of, for example, the natural sciences, which is not surprising, since there is no single “scientific method”.

    The scientific methods used in historical science include the historical-genetic (historical) method, the comparative method, the typological method, the structural method, the periodization method, etc.

    Each of these methods has certain rules that the historian should follow when applying it and that ensure the accuracy and reliability of the results obtained.

  2. Yes, history is a science!

    But only shyas began to analyze it correctly!

    Read The Theoretical History Of Grigory Kvasha!

    The new science — theoretical history-began with the study of a simple and well-known sequence of dates from Russian history of the XX century: 1905-the revolution, 1917-the revolution, 1929-the year of the great turning point, 1941-the war, 1953-the death of Stalin, 1965-the beginning of the Kosygin reform, 1977 – the end of the reform, the beginning of stagnation, 1989-the first free elections, the collapse of the socialist camp…

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