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  1. “a thought is the result of reflection, an idea”
    It was speech that once helped , then not yet a person, to learn to think, to perceive abstract concepts, to learn without being directly in the relevant situation. And now , thousands (hundreds of thousands , obviously ) of children go through the same thing every day.
    If you hadn't been taught a language or trained in thinking since childhood , you wouldn't have been able to think(in the full sense of the word, only basic conclusions , for which you MUST first get the appropriate experience). And perception was reduced to a series of signals from different sensory systems processed by the brain. Behavior would be controlled by reflexes in response to these signals.
    Finally, you can search the Internet about wild children or Mowgli's children . Not just magazine clippings , but the clinical picture, rehabilitation progress, etc.

  2. They wouldn't have formed it in any way. Language is a symbolic system that helps thinking. Without language, you would have only biological programs, feelings and sensations, like in higher animals. You wouldn't be any smarter than a chimpanzee or an orangutan.

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