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  1. Not at all. Perhaps, as they say in one stupid saying, you simply did not have a normal work of art.
    If you want to understand art, try reading more about its history: this will make it easier to find the style and direction that you are interested in. Who knows, maybe you just don't like modern culture, and the classics will be to your liking.
    Or on the contrary, you are tired of classical literature and paintings imposed by the school and university.
    Try reading Bukowski, for example, or looking at Munch's least pop paintings. It certainly won't be boring.
    You may like, for example, the works of Russian modernist poets. Read Khlebnikov, Severyanin and early Mayakovsky. Strange, unusual, but definitely not depressing.

  2. No, you are not stupid, just art is not art, since it did not touch, did not catch…So not talented.Since real art, therefore, is expensive, because it is priceless in its sincerity, in its uniqueness and touching and caring. That's the whole answer…

  3. First, you should define the concept of “art”. If you are referring to a pictorial art painting or something like that, then this is one answer, and if you are talking about art in general, then another.

    If the question refers to painting, the answer will be “no, just haven't found the right picture yet”, and if art as a whole – the answer will be “yes, because this concept includes a lot of areas from painting to cinema”.

    I don't understand how all art can be considered boring. Take, for example, the assembly of a motorcycle and a master who can assemble a beautiful and durable thing from “whatever came to hand”. Wouldn't that be an art form? Well, or at least a craft? And craft is the forerunner of art.

    I don't think you don't have a favorite movie or song, but it's also an art form.

    Although, of course, if you redefine the generally accepted concept of ” art ” and the fact that you find it boring to treat it by these standards does not make you stupid at all, it's just that you are not like everyone else and this is great.

    In general, I think that the question was asked somewhat incorrectly and it is impossible to answer it unambiguously and without explanations.

  4. This means that there is more interest in technical areas. In fact, art can not be boring, the only thing is that the directions-abstractionism is not quite clear to me. Otherwise, of course, not boring.

  5. Interests are a delicate matter. Therefore, it is necessary to judge a person with extreme caution.

    I don't think you're stupid if you think art is stupid. Art, like any other phenomenon of our life, can have its supporters and opponents. It only means that you don't find the art interesting enough for you specifically. And there is nothing in this that condemns you or devalues you as a person.

    It is quite possible that you have something to devote your free time to besides art. Or maybe you just weren't interested in what you encountered. The latter, by the way, is most likely if you live on the periphery of Russia: there, the opportunity to get in touch with art tends to zero, which, unfortunately, is depressing.

    In general, to sum up, no – you are not stupid at all. It is absolutely your right to love or dislike anything. Practice and learn what is interesting for you.

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