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  1. There is no such thing as “not given”, try, think, analyze and eventually you will notice success, the main thing is to remove the barriers that stop you. My grandfather pulled me up a bit in checkers, I won't say that I'm an expert, but compared to the beginning.. now it is already possible to fight back against the opponent, and even win a couple of times.

  2. checkers. I remember a few bright moments when I used to play with my dad a lot,

    and he was such that he didn't give in, and that's why in my childhood I never won against him,

    but I continued to play with perseverance, calculated his moves, style – and so I built my strategy, but I never won it.

    then, after summer camp, where I smashed anyone and even won the championship,

    I went home and played a game with my father – and won against him.

    for me, it was another happiness.

    therefore, with perseverance and determination, you can learn at least something.

    and most importantly-have goals.

  3. Perseverance will certainly help. The main thing is to be more careful and try to calculate the opponent's steps a few steps ahead. Over time, after a few hundred games, experience will come, and it will be much easier to play.

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