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  1. The role of an animal's size in how it perceives sounds is minimal. A key role is played by what sounds were useful for a given animal to perceive in its evolutionary history. We perceive our range of sounds because it was the sounds of 20-20, 000 Hz that helped our ancestors survive in the African savanna, and later our ancestors began to speak and the selection went to the recognition of subtle nuances in the range of 100-4000 Hz in order to understand other people. Cats can hear higher-pitched sounds, but not because they are smaller than us, but because it is beneficial for them to hear the squeak of mice, and we do not need it. Bats and dolphins can hear ultrasound. Again, the size has nothing to do with it.

    As for insects, their peculiarity is that they do not have such a complex ear with a snail as we have. They usually perceive sound information through their legs, antennae, and abdomen. The simplest” ear ” of an insect is an open membrane on the cuticle, to which nerve cells approach, or an area with hairs that read soil vibrations (deviation of the hair from the norm – > neuron excitation). Listen to the soil (or tree… what you're standing on) is generally more efficient than air, because sound travels better through solid bodies. And insects are already crawling on the ground, so they're usually better equipped to listen to ” footsteps “than”voices.” But the size here again has nothing to do with it.

  2. If the forest is quiet and the ants go somewhere in a crowd about their business, you know, there are such wide ant paths, then you can hear their trampling. I've heard it a couple of times )

  3. I will answer, as always, prosaically. Under the condition you set out, you would have died immediately. You just need to understand – you can't just take and reduce a person. There are two possible options here. You may be squeezed (reduce the distance between molecules), but then you just explode. Another option is to remove some of the cells. Logic says that in a body half the size of an ant, the brain will be about half that of an ant. What remains is a tiny ganglion (nerve nodule). The ear will also change – its functioning will be disrupted due to the loss of almost all its components. Other organs will also not be able to work. And yet, you will almost immediately freeze, because it will be impossible to maintain the temperature of 36.6 Taurus with such a volume/surface area ratio.

    So my answer is no.

  4. There is a chance that they stupidly divide you into pieces and take you to their house , Allah counted everything, a person has a softer body than an ant, but a person is bigger than an ant . I think if you were half your size, they would tear you apart and take you away . No kidding . But praise be to Allaah , a person has such a gift by the will of Allaah that he can develop to such an extent that even a stone can hit his hand hard .

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