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  1. I took the literature exam in the 11th grade. I spent two weeks typing tickets on a PC to make rolls in a 3-d font (as far as I remember), and then accidentally deleted them to the trash and emptied it. No matter how much I knew, the exam was already the next day. In general, I came without cheat sheets, unlike my classmate. As a result: it was immediately burned down and put on the ball below, without giving anything to write off. I made up a fairly detailed response to the ticket that fell out from memory. By the way, my memory is terrible. Put a solid 4-ku

  2. If you write it by hand, then yes. In any case, you first read, reinterpret into shorter sentences, and write. But printing and slicing doesn't help much)

  3. Yes, it will be postponed,but under a certain condition: if you have a well-developed mechanical memory.

    This type of memory is quite strongly developed in musicians.Many of them remember exactly what, how and in what order they clickedpulledetc.Fortunately, she trains fast enough.

  4. This is how I always prepared for exams: I made tiny stitched books with 4 × 4 squares, I wrote spurs with very thin pencil. They could be hidden anywhere, and in case of deadly danger, even swallow))

    The funny thing is that I never used them, because while I was reading the material, choosing the most important things for the cheat sheets, it was remembered by itself. At the exam, then pages from books “floated” before my eyes , and I copied them from there ( I think this is called photographic memory). Just reading boring textbooks is not an option, but isolating the main thing for spurs is an exciting activity, it does not let you get bored.�

    But my microspurs were still needed. Almost all my classmates and classmates in two universities :o)

  5. Preparing cheat sheets can not be considered a full-fledged preparation for exams. But for me personally, this is an important part of the rote learning process. �
    First of all, in spurs you write the very essence, briefly and to the point. These support structures are the easiest to remember.
    Secondly, both visual and motor memory work, which makes the memorization process more efficient.
    Third, even if you didn't use the spur in the exam, it helps you keep your cool and be sure that you will answer. This is important for me personally)

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